Guide and information of Japan travel, with Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe, Food, Restaurant in Tokyo.
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Tokyo has variety of dish, and more and more people are taking good care of not only their own health but enrironmental health. Especially after the Fukushima meltdown events, each one of us has our own responsibility what to eat, what to buy, what to consume. This page to introduce you good vegetarian and good vegan restaurants throughout downtown Tokyo.
Tofu restaurant in Asakusa and more are highly recommended for you!
Brown Rice has good cafe shop in Omotesando right near to Shibuya, Harajuku and Yoyogi area. Philosophy of whole food is their spirit. Yes, we all human beings are part of whole chain of the universe. Why not start with brown rice? Most outer layer of brown rice is used for polishing wooden floor in authentic temple in Japan. Maybe you can polish your spirit into diamond, like The Alchemist in 1988 and like FMA.
ain soph in ginza, shinjuku and ikebukuro is a vegan cafe-restaurant in central downtown Tokyo. One person to relax, couple to happy dine, group and family to celebrate (possible in private room), regardless vegetarian or not, you will not surely regret that you came to Tokyo.
 Started in Kunitachi, now has branch in Ebisu
 on JR Yamanote Loop Line.
T's restaurant has gifts from the sun and mother earth, located in LUZ, and it is available at Jiyugaoka on Tokyu Toyoko Line (between Shibuya and Yokohama). This private railway line has always listed in top 3 of young-lady's wanted town to live. Daikanyama, Nakameguro, Gakugei-Daigaku, Jiyugaoka and Musashi-Kosugi is popular and Oshare (very trendy). Different from Asakusa :p
Nanayoubi has vegan maffin in Jiyugaoka, nice 10 minutes walk away. Only open from 12:00 to 18:00, but may close earlier when sold-out. And completely closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Lunch and snack is the best combination with Google Map from/to T's restaurant above.
Cafe Little Hands was also used to be located in the white-bread-world, Jiyugaoka Tokyo, but now found better field up in Yatsugatake, owner says that it is bit far from the nuclear disaster. Organic and Natural is their concept/heart. Speaking of this Little Hands' relocation, now you may consider it is high time to reborn yourself in Japan? KEN has good real estate information. Tokyo is not bad, NOT BAD AT ALL, to live life. has more information about Tokyo's veg-life, but here's more lists to add a cent in your life.
Govinda now becomes Gopinatha is Yoga to eat, or shall we say, eating Yoga! Of course, the restaurant is the best friend of Siddhartha. If you were not happy, if you were looking for content of life, we softly recommend Nakano (west of Shinjuku) to find your guru here.
Loving Hut is around the world, let's be vegan and let's make peace. Even your dog can join (^^) bow-wow, one-one!
SAi MARKET has not been chanced since last century. A bit out of downtown, but worth visiting to check it out. Wish they did complete non-smoking.......
Vege Herb Saga is in Okachimachi between Akihabara and Ueno, also not far from Asakusa, where most of Tokyo Indians are residing. Little Tokyo has in Los Angeles, here's Little India in downtown Tokyo!
Tsubutsubu is changing your way of life, better, of course. Also a famous publisher of Veg-Cook-Book. Trust in your inner child, thank to others, share whole universe, then, happiness is naturally within you yourself. Okachimachi
Little Heaven was in Otsuka, Otsuka-ekimae station on the only-one-tram in downtown Tokyo called Toden Arakawa Line , but now the shop has moved into Kyoto, western Japan (far away from the nuclear power plant). Again similar to Little Hands, this is mainly due to Fukushima effect.
Bon near Asakusa offers Zen cuisine from Ming Dynasty (arranged in Kyoto). Power of Sanskrit, originated in northern India, came through Tibet, Sri Lanka, China, Korea, now not only in Japan but all over the world.
MOS Rice Burger near Tokyo Ryokan has the power of Mountain-Ocean-Sunshine (^^). Have you tried Lettuce Burger with Soy Patty in Japan?
Denny's all over Japan has good vegetable plates. All fresh vegetable not from far other countries but local green!
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