Guide and information of Japan travel, with Tokyo Sky Tree, Skyscrapercity, New Tokyo Tower, Highest Building, Observatory, view and more.
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New Tokyo tower Tokyo SKYTREE is there already accross Sumida River, next to Asakusa. Official birthday is May 22nd, 2012. Boasting a height of 634m (Mu-Sa-Shi as 6-3-4, old name of Tokyo/Kanto area), the tower ise one of the i-cons (eye-contacts?) of Tokyo. Arch rising of warpage/camber line is the Japanese tradition. Short walk or Panda Bus ride from Asakusa. From Tokyo station, there is also a direct bus service called Shitamachi bus S-1. There is also a loop bus line between Ueno - Asakusa - Skytree.
Tokyo Sky Tree, Canary Wharf, Empire State, Petronas Towers, Willis Tower, Taipei 101, CN Tower, Burj Dubai
Very convenient public transportation terminal as well, you may be very easily able to access, Tobu Skytree Line, Keisei Line, Tokyo Metro Line and Toei Subway Line from the tower. Yes, Skytree has 4 lines, big terminal station. Asakusa is only 20 minutes walk distance and here's the Google Direction.
 Keisei Oshiage Station
 Now Narita Airport and Haneda Airport is
 directly connected with Tokyo
 Tobu Tokyo Skytree Station
 Same train line from Asakusa to Nikko
 now stop at Tokyo SKYTREE station.
Here's the growing-up history of Tokyo Sky Tree (month by month)
Various view in various time from Taito-ku (history of high rising in 2011)
#12 (Kappabashi) is the nearest from Tokyo Ryokan.
And here's some "eating" Skytree (^^)
Tokyo Sky Tree Tempra Restaurant TOWER-DON

+Restaurant Name : Sobadokoro Kamimura
+Address : Narihira 1-18-13, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
+Telephone : 03-3265-1205
+Nearby Station : Tokyo Sky Tree Station
+Open : 11:00am - 21:00 (Closed : Sunday)
Real height of New Tokyo Tower is 634m, and this Tempura has 240mm (double m !) not above sea level but from your table surface. Cost at JPY1,800 including 3 crispy shrimp tempura and miso soup plus side dish (tsukemono). The three-pointed-tower on steamed rice is even supported by the lid of your bowl (earthquake resisted!). Sweating already? Green tea would be served at free of charge along with the plate.
Tokyo sky tree hamburger, lotteria TOWER BURGER

+Restaurant Name : Lotteria
+Address : Kinshi 4-1-6, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
+Telephone : 03-3625-8655
+Nearby Station : Kinshicho Station
+06:30am - 21:00
Tower burger as you see above, left or right, before earthquake or after earthquake (bad joke especially after March 11th), image on ads or what you get in reality, regardless which, this is only the limited version of Lotteria Hamburger throughout Japan. With a drink, it sells at JPY1,400. You are brave enough to add the 11th floor or more on top of that? Extra JPY105 per floor (at the time). Kinshicho branch is the closest from Sky Tree. From Asakusa, Kita-Senju branch may work well. 5 story pagota style is time to time available.......
New Tokyo Tower parfait, sakura cafe SKY TREE PARFAIT (SUNDAE)

+Restaurant Name : Sakura Cafe
+Address : Narihira 1-17-5, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
+Telephone : 03-6658-8435
+Nearby Station : Tokyo Sky Tree Station
+10:00am - 19:00
This sweet is not taller than the girl who is serving at the counter in the shop, but may be as royal as her? The height of the parfait or sundae or ice-cream-tower is 1/1000th of the actual grand antenna. Yes, 634mm high from the table! Please compare how high it is to the normal coffee cup on the same table. You might have to stand up to eat the top part (made of candy), which is totally not good manner here in Japan (but kids do when they are happy!). Take out and bring right in front of the shop which is just next to the tower, and snap some photo, so you may get lots of hit on your blog, facebook and twitter. A bit costy of JPY1,800 but sells very fast due to limited number served, only 10 scoops per day. If missed, why not Sakura Shaped Ningyo Yaki instead, which is only JPY600 for 6 pieces.
tokyo sky tree danish, kimuraya TOWER DANISH

+Restaurant Name : Narihira Kimuraya
+Address : Narihira 1-10-4, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
+Telephone : 03-3624-6441
+Nearby Station : Tokyo Sky Tree Station
+08:00am - 19:00 (Closed : Wednesday)
Local bakery only for local people now became popular for people all around Japan, and this is mainly due to the Tower Danish with either custard cream or chocolate inside. The base stand of tower is cookie attached with chocolate. The anettena? It is world famous snack, Glico PRETZ. Sorry, it is not POCKY. One tower can be purchased at JPY250. Twin towers with custard and choco in each for JPY500 (two danish).
new tokyo tower style japanese dining,kyo TOWER STYLE

+Restaurant Name : Sousaku Ryori Kyo
+Address : Higashi-Mukojima 2-30-11-102, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
+Telephone : 03-3611-9060
+Nearby Station : Hikifune Station
+11:30am - 14:30, 17:00 - 24:00 (Closed : Sunday, Monday)
Some fusion of French (decoration) and Japanese (ingredients)? The dish looks fantasy in anime/manga but represents the new tower. One on the side dish could be your house in Tokyo? Needs reservation for at least 3 days in advance, would cost JPY900 a plate. This is one of Sousaku Ryouri (creative original cuisine).
tokyo sky tree soba, ichirikiya SKY TREE SOBA

+Restaurant Name : Soba Yuzen Ichirikiya
+Address : Oshiage 1-20-8, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
+Telephone : 03-3622-2359
+Nearby Station : Oshiage Station
+11:00am - 15:00, 17:00 - 20:00 (Closed : Thursday)
Local Soba Noodle Shop made this super tower noodle right next to the tower. Soba is of course buckwheet, but also means "next to it" or "right beside of it" in Japanese. Just a old man's bad joke to eat this noodle right beside Sky Tree. The tower is deep fried buckwheet at height 400mm from the surface of your noodle soup. The noodle itself is also deep fried, not cooked in hot boiled water. Indeed, one of the kind, very unique bowl.
tokyo sky tree cocktail, bar and skylounge sky notes TREE COCKTAIL 5

+Restaurant Name : REN
+Address : 24th floor, Kinshi 1-2-2, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
+Telephone : 03-5611-5591
+Nearby Station : Oshiage Station
+11:30am - 23:00
Used the official color of Tokyo Sky Tree, 5 cocktails ranged from JPY1,100 to JPY1,300 would be useful (powerful) for your marriage proposal? Be careful for the high alcohol percentage, you may forget everything next morning! Lower floors are comfortable rooms of Tobu Hotel Levant.
tokyo sky tree design label, asahi beer ASAHI BEER SKY TREE DESIGN LABEL

Asahi Beer and Sky Tree, such good balance in your holiday here in Japan. Available in Asakusa just across the bridge of Sumida River to the other side. Asa-Hi in Japanese language means Sunrise or Morning-Sun. Why not start a wonderful day with Sky Tree labeled Asahi Super Dry. Served in 350ml can, 500ml bottle or 634ml mug (all with the label). Asahi beer building right next to Sumida River (not Asakusa side but Sumida side) has several bar and izakaya which has the special beer.
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