Guide and information of Japan travel, with Japanese Chess Shogi , Game, Rules, Place, Igo, Hikaru no Go amd more.
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About Shogi or Syogi
Sgogi (as known as Japanese style of chess) is very similar to Chinese Chess and Western Chess, but differs from other chess because of the drop rule (bring-back rule). Pieces captured become yours, and you can choose to drop them back (bring them back) on the board to attack their former army (Shogi Rule). This is perhaps something to do with Bushido or Samurai Spirit in small Japanese islands, not continent battle field spirits. You may get Shogi APP on your mobile to play.
It used to be mainly loved by mostly elder people or in retired society, but animation of Hikaru no Go (Go is also famous game as Shogi here in Japan) introduces younger generation as well as non-Japanese people. One Polish student is trying hard to be the first non-Japanese professional master. Are you already good at it? Please enrol and beat all Japanese professionals!
Shogi is also used in academic area to deal with sympton like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in class. It may ease your stress, pain, disorder of your complicated life. Similar to Zen?
Tendo City in Yamagata is one of shogi manufacture in Japan, and event of Ningen Shogi (human standing Japanese chess) is held every April.
Shogi Play in Tokyo
Tokyo Shogi Kaikan Dojo
Address Sendagata 2-39-9, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3408-6161
Tawaramachi igo Club
Address Kotobuki 2-3-3, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5828-8240
Ryogoku Shogi igo Center
Address Ryogoku 4-33-1, Sumida-ku
Telephone 03-3632-7707
Ueno Kiin
Address Ueno 6-9-20, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3835-4936
Okachimachi Shogi Center
Address Ueno 3-21-10, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3835-4987
Tokyo Amateur Shogi Center
Address Ueno 3-21-10, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5817-3927
Shogi Play Online
Try the Shogi on 3-by-4 : 3x4 Shogi international match-up page (free of charge)
Shogi Game for Kids (and actually for Adults as well)
This is found to introduce children to enjoy without hesitation (due to difficulties of understanding those complicated Kanji). Much easy to capture, to be involved, to start up. Doubutsu Shogi (Animal Shogi) is handed into market by professional women shogi player, actually this is beyond children's toy, adults can also enjoy. Good for family brainers.
Japanese Chess Shogi Game for Kids
Rule you can move only to the dot/s marked, one by one, no jump possible
Lion captain or king, can move anywhere
Elephant can move diagonally
Giraffe can move tate (vertically) and yoko (horizontally)
Baby Chick can only step forward one by one, could be grown up to chicken which can move much better
Chicken only happens when your chick reached to the front line (top area), can move anywhere but diagonally backward
Shogi rules
How to capture, and to drop back
+Two animals can not stay  in a same square.
+You maybe able to capture opponent animal to make it as your team. Capture and hold opponent in one move.
+ You may be able to use it as your animal in next turn of yours. The held animal can be put in any vacant square.
Win and Lose
+Whoever first capture the opponent Lion will be a winner.
+Whoever first make your own Lion moves into the top line (opponent territory) will be a winner.
+If your Lion were caught by opponent in next turn right after you made him reached to the front line, you'll lose the game. This means that you can win the game if your Lion in the opponent deepest territory would not be captured in the opponent's turn.
Other Rules
+Capture Chicken to hold as your team? In next turn of yours, you may be able to place it anywhere vacant square as Baby Chick (not as Chicken)
+Draw could be happened, no winner no loser, when exactly same situation were occured on board 3 times.
+Can not pass.
+There is no foul as seen in shogi.
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