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Japanese people tend to be patient to wait on long queue for tender sushi outside of (old) Tsukiji Fish Market. But someone who wish not to wait 2 - 3 hours (really!!!) to taste best-sushi-ever-in-your-life at Sushi-Dai (quality 9 price 8), you may taste the similar (quality 8 - 9 price 3 - 5) without waiting at the following restaurants in Asakusa, and of course much better in cost performance (30 - 50 percent of Sushi-Dai). Actually local Japanese people know that Asakusa is next to Tsukiji/Toyosu/Adachi markets (in mind), and many of those famous sushi restraunts have their branches here in Asakusa. Just some example lists below.
unagi kujira eel whale
Hidden gem along Keisei Line (between Narita Airport and Asakusa, quality 8 price 3)
Sakae Sushi (Zushi) in Tateishi is only standing, no chair, which means what you eat has bare cost-affective style. Nama-Hotate, Shirako, Anago, Akagai-Himo, Ama-Ebi are awesome!
Just came back from New York City, now in Aoyama
Sushi Bar Yasuda is best known as always been top 10 in the apple city. Only 9 seats, reservation is must.
Sushi-rail, Go-around or Kaiten-Zushi (Sushi) in Nihongo (quality 7 price 5)
Maguro-Bito (Tuna-Man) is best known in Asakusa. If you do not wish to feel sin, please avoid ordering life-fish from the water tank right in front of your table. Dish has chip in the plate itself, they will scan to calculate how much, but you will be able to know how much you eat by the color of the dish.
Cheap but good (quality 7 price 3), actually a branch of Maguro-Bito (Tuna-Man)
Maguro-Bito has this chair-less (there is no seat) but standing style sushi (Tachi-Gui in Japanese), weekday lunch has even better rate (quality 8 price 3). Some pictures are available at Maguro-Bito (Okachimachi) and Maguro-Bito (Kaminari-mon) . It is worth paying international flight only to eat this sushi everyday! here in Tokyo. Visit Maguro-Bito to be a Tuna-Man!
Freshness from the fish tank, watch your chef skill right in front of your eyes
Sushi-Sen (Sushi-Fresh) is one of your choice for 24 hours activity, so whenever you dream in futon (Japanese bed), just wake up and walk, you can taste it right there. Weekday lunch time has unbeaten deal.
 468 (Yoroppa) in Nishi-Asakusa
 Finished his 10-year-training at Kyoto Sushi Restaurant, wanted to introduce the best of Kyoto here in Asakusa
Unagi (eel) is also well eaten in Asakusa
Unatetsu has Hitsumabushi (not Himatsubushi) is one of your best choice. Yes, best O-Cha-Zu-Ke (Cha-Zu-Ke) with eel in Tokyo. One menu has three delicious tastes at once.
Best Unabi (eel) in all over Tokyo
irokawa is the one with Binchou-Char-Coal grill. From JPY3,000 upto JPY4,000. Master passed away early 2014 but family member can do exactly the same, very special once-in-your-life lunch.
Tofu, Yuba, Kumiagedofu
Dojo (not child of eel but loach) is also available here in Asakusa
iidaya dozeu (dojou) or komagata dojou is the best choice. Better to go Komagata if you were looking for Whale meat. Dojo is actually loach or weatherfish in English, of course, not Aikido dojo nor Judo dojo nor Karate dojo.
Nearest port from Tokyo where you meet whale hunters and butchers
Wada/Wadaura (2018 video, warning and advised) in Chiba Only 26 whales per year. From Tokyo (same platform for Tokyo Disney Resort station, Maihama), you may catch JR limited express to => Awa-Kamogawa or Tateyama, then local train to => Wadaura station (where you can see and touch real bones of whale on the train platform!). The port is just short walk distance from the train station . Famous rice terrace called OYAMA TANADA is not far either.
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