Guide and information of Japan travel, with earthquake, tsunami, nuclear power plants, radiation levels, fukushima, tohoku and more.
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This is one kind of sadness of human era, yet this is done by all natural power of earth (except Fukushima nuclear power plant). One can be wise if possible to learn the same wisdom as these people who actually faced the event seen on Youtube. Some words you may catch/hear is translated into English hereunder (scroll down bit below of this page, please).

Asakusa had only minor damage in limited nubmer of old wooden house. Tokyo bay area, mainly Urayasu, got liquefaction (liquid type of dirt comes up from underneath, which is not due to drain damage). 30km north of downtown Tokyo, say Omiya, had their Japanese style roof (kawara-yane) fell off.
When something sad, terrible, difficult happened to us, we tend to think it is not fair. But in the end, what end? we have to use our most careful thoughtful mind to consider, probably it takes 10 years or even 50 years to understand, but in the end, it DOES pay off. All burdens we experience look like unnecessary items at the moment, but it surely will change its shape becoming food of our soul/heart. Everyone (no exception) can learn this life-theory from someone's experience, but if you were crying over someone's sadness, if you felt worry for someone's facing difficulties, you are the one who can complete your mission of life. All 7 billions people are no difference to us ourselves. Thanks for all the kind passion and compassion.
Who says that Japan is unique country? Only the country which became this rich in culture after being destroyed down to zero (WW2)? All the nation and all the area around the world is the same (again, no exception). Despite location, era, sex, age, belief, financial or whatever status, single or married, single-parent or lost-both-parents, job or jobless, with paper/license or without, if we could hang in there with our teeth gritted, yes, endurance we need to overcome all the difficulties, yes, love we need to share to conquer the sadness, hopefully with vision of love and vision of peace in full color in each of our brains, we can reach there in the end (actually right at this moment). Good example drama/movie is Oshin if you had spare time.
Regardless all 50 nuke power plants all over Japan are either shut-down or under maintenance (during some 2011-2015 period of time), OK (^_^) maybe it sounds like joke, but if you need a personal shelter capsule, Noah? it is actually the Sun = Taiyo in Japanese is the life saver when earthquake or tsunami happened. Be careful, though, when fire occurs! The year 2011 had more than 10,500 earthquakes in Japan which was more than 7 - 8 times of normal year. After 4 years of "earth movement" we would like to believe that the plate tectonics activity already got calm down.
Fukushima Daiichi (Number One) Nuclear Power Plant Live Camera can be seen at this page. Watching this does not ease pain, but at least you can find that it is under control?!
Worries a lot since you know someone here in Japan? You may check most updated earthquake report at Kishocho (Meteological Agency).
Tokyo is trying to control the usage of electric power especially in hot summer days. So far no sudden black-out (power shortage) happened yet, but it is said to be safe and stable if not exceeded 95 percent (consumption/supply) which you may check this page every hour every day. We are noticing that these recent year has green-house phenomenon which makes whole 3 months of June-July-August somewhat August-August-August (super hot months!). Nothing to do with weather, but TEPCO's stock fell to 1/10th one time (JPY2,000 => JPY200).
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is monitoring the figure/number of radioactivity level in every prefecture (state/province), and it looks like some places are worse than Chernobyl. Have to listen your own heart, not always (many times?) government is right. MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) prohibited the rice planting in the red zone (dead zone?). Daily radioactivity level is available on this page. Amazingly, still rain and dust (called Fallout) are contaminated with Cs-134 and Cs-137 in many parts of estern Japan (including Tokyo), which you can find on this page. Japan is paying a lot, not only money.......
Better not to visit this area and not to live long in this area if you are young (physically growing age), please. Fukushima prefecture radioactivity measurement map is available at this page. Some of our relatives are there living for this long even after the leak of Fukushima nuclear plants, saying their life (including ancestors and spirits) is based there in Fukushima, very Japanese and/or Asian way of viewing the fact. Our ancestors' spirits are with the soil there. Tokyo's updated results can be found at this page.
Ikebukuro Bosaikan has facilities called Earthquake Simulation Section where you can experience the great mega giant earthquake similar or more JMA (Japanese Meteorological Agency) Seismic Intensity of March 11th, 2011. Are you ready? Here's PDF in English. There is a direct bus service (TOEI BUS) #63 and #64 from Asakusa to Ikebukuro.
Clips below are REAL and surreal, those who had not yet experienced near-death can learn a lot from the event. You don't know them? They are not your friends nor families nor relatives?
Minami-Sanriku Map
Uwa ugoiteru = wow, it's moving
ie nagasareteru = house is forced to be washed away
Yabe = terrible
Hontoda = really
Yabai yabai baka ikunayo = stupid, please do not go (that way)
ie ga ugoiteru = house is moving
Higadeta or hideta = fire lit up
Kajida =fire!
Anokuruma nande magatteittenno = why that car is turning into (that corner towards tsunami)
Magattetta tsunami kitennoni = turned around? despite tsunami is reaching?
Ale ale = that that
Owatta = the end
Shinjirarene = unbelievable
Tsubureta = crashed down
Usso = a lie?
Kokomade kurunokana? = coming up to here?
Dameda korya = it ain't no good
Kaimetsudayo = catastrophe
Obaachanwa? = my grand mother (safe)?
Hayaku agatte, agale, agatte kudasai = quick hurry up move up, please
hayaku agale agale agale = quick move up move up up up
Yabai yabai anohito yabai isoide = not good not good at all, that person, hurry up
Yabai agattahouga iitte = not good, better to be up
Dareka irunoka = is there someone there? 
Sendai Aoba-ku Map
Kaasan = mom
Nigeyou = let's run away
Daijoubu? = ok?
ie deyo = let's get out of house
Abunai = dangerous
Nigete = run
Hayaku = quick
Denchu abunakunai? = power pole not dangerous?
Mada yureteru = still shaking
Tatte suwatteiruto izatoiutokini = please stand up, just in case we have to run
Baachantachi daijoubu? = grand mother is alright?
Keitai oitekichatta = forgot to bring mobile phone
Hainnaide iikara iikara = do not go in (to the house), ok ok (because I have my mobile phone)
Otoshitekitakamo ienonaka = I might have dropped somewhere inside the house
Keitai kichi yararetakamo = perhaps antenna of mobile phone got damaged (by earthquake)
Dame teiden shiteru = no possible, it is blackout (power off)
Kurumanokagi tottekuru = I will take the key of the car
Hidoidesu = terrible
Shinjuku West Exit Map
Osamattekitakana, osamattandesukane = (the earthquake is) cooling down
Nanka daijoubu areee = is that really ok?
Kamaishi Map
Ueniagatte = come up to the higher place
Ueueue = higher higher higher
Takaitokoro = high place
Urayasu Map
Chotto korewa hidoi = this is so terrible
Yabai yabai YABAI = oh no, no way, NO WAY
Chotto mazui = big risk
Mizuga ....... = water is .......
Ke-sen-numa Map Now arigatou gozaimasu, Rolex!
Hai moshimoshi, ima choudo genbade, choudo tsunami kitatokorode = Hello, just here I am, right at tsunami coming
Takadaikara murishinaide anzen na tokoroni daijoubudesu = a bit high place, safe place, no problem, I am alright
Wakarimashita ryoukai = Understood, I got it
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