Guide and information of Japan travel, with Hakone, Kawaguchiko Lake, Mt.Fuji, Five lakes, Toyota Nissan Car rental tour and more.
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No driver's licence? No problem! How about all by reliable public transportation? It takes whole fun day, it may be too tight if you tried both five-lakes area (north side of Mt.Fuji) and Hakone area (south side of Mt.Fuji) in one day, so one-day-one-area is recommended. For those who wish to visit north side of Mt.Fuji (five-lakes area), either or JR (plus Fujikyu Railway) is an option. For those who wish to visit south side of Mt.Fuji (Hakone area), either Odakyu pass (how about Romance Car ?) or JR area pass and here's your choice of trains with front driver's view!
What is life without bike? Are you confident to conquer Japan on your own way? Perhaps on your own BMW? Or how about renting Kawasaki or Honda or Yamaha here in Japan? Feel the wind in the far east Asia supported by Japan Bike Rentals ! You may compare to NinjaTours as well.
Guided tour is easy! and lazy? at Hato Bus Tour and Japan Dream Tours . Or, would you like to do all and more on your own? Actually, if you were 3 persons and more, it is not only flexible but also cost affective. Let's drive where JR and bus does not go. You may also be able to catch ice cube in ice cave during hot summer time. Why not cool yourself down at wind cave of Fuuketsu and ice cave of Hyooketsu ? Actually this is the ice warehouse for Edo people during the Edo period. Here is the breakdown of self-guided-tour on Toyota, Nippon and Nissan rent-a-car companies. Total kilometers would be 300km - 400km round trip, 10hrs - 12hrs in total. Japan Expressway Pass is highly recommended for further driving throughout Japan.

Car with yellow plate (Kei-Jidousha or K-Jidousha in Japanese, max. 4 persons including driver, does not run fast on highway, very tiny small car with less than 660cc engine) : around JPY7,000 / 12hrs at Nippon Rent-A-Car, Honda N-BOX is highly recommended

Eco Car (Hybrid) (max. 4 persons including driver, does run with very efficient km/gas figure) : around JPY11,000 / 12 hrs at Nippon Rent-A-Car.

Toyota Noah (max. 8 persons including driver, fit well with 6 persons comfortable size, but 8 persons will be a zoo drive?) : around JPY16,000 / 12hrs at Toyota Rent-A-Car

Or, how about Luxury Cars of Nissan like SKYLINE, FUGA, CIMA available at Nissan Rent-A-Car ? Watching Mt.Fuji while driving luxury (and Shinkansen green class) is one of Lost-in-Translation experience!

Toll for highway express road (Kosoku Ryokin) from downtown Tokyo to Fuji area round trip should be JPY7,000 - JPY8,000. Gas / Petrol for round the trip should be less than JPY3,000 depending on car-size and how you accelerate/control/shift the car. Hybrid car can ride more than 20km per litter. 400km = 20km/litter x 20 litters. JPY3,000 = 20 litters x JPY150/litter.

Shutoko Expressway : Feels like you are playing Sony PS3?
Expressway Map : Let's drive Kool.
5th station toll road : JPY2,060 per car (be careful for iced road in winter)
Mitsutoge or Mitsu-touge (view of Mt.Fuji) : Free of charge, just walk and walk (^^)
Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway (Kawaguchiko lake) : JPY800 per person
Ropeway on Komagatake : JPY1,300 per person
Ferry on Ashinoko (Ashi-lake) : JPY360 or JPY760 or JPY1,000 per person

Insurance to cover any scar/damage/accident : Various, usually including the rental charge (please make sure that your travel insurance is also protecting yourselves)

Straight going back to either Narita Airport or Haneda Airport? Here's your easy drive.
Narita Airport : Multiple routes are available
Haneda Airport : Multiple routes are avaialble

Naraya Cafe
Hotel MyStays
Royal Hotel
Fuji Hakkei
K's House
hakone fuji onsen
 Fujiya Hotel in Hakone
 Once John Lennon stayed traditional Japanese hotel
 is now available on-line reservation.
Fujikyu Highland <= young enough to scream all day long? Sorry if you were over 61 years old, some rides CANNOT be available for elder ladies/gentlemen. Now we know that we've got to enjoy our life when it is possible, let's not miss the chance! Please check weather forecast at this weather page so that you can scream with the great view of Mt.Fuji. The best would be the Guiness Recorded 121 degree steep cliff coaster. Can't imagine this world!

Or, how about drive your own veihcle (rent-a-car, recommended 4WD this time) in Fuji Safari Park to see lions, tigers, bears, elephants and more with great view of Mt.Fuji behind? Their condition is much better than squeezed concrete of Ueno Zoo or Zoo Station in Berlin (human zoo? personally loving the area, though!).

Hungry after all? Hoto (local udon noodle) is the speciality there. Quite a volume because history says this is the war-time quick food. Interested in architecture/design as well? HOUTOU FUDOU is the best recommended, Shinkansen ride with Mt.Fuji view and HOTO noodle with Mt.Fuji view are the must things while you are in Japan. Google View has this spectacular shot!

Find sunny day at , and please try dreaming your journey ahead (^_^) it eventually comes true. And hereunder is some great live camera view in your hands

Around Fuji-Go-Ko (five lakes area)

Hakone area

From Shimizu, Fujinomiya and Gotemba

From Fuji-shi, nearby Shin-Fuji Shinkansen station

Over Suruga-wan (bay of Suruga)

From Yamanaka-ko (Yamanaka lake)

From Satta Pass (Hiroshige's View)

From Susono, Shizuoka-ken
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