Guide and information of Japan travel, with imperial palace, akihabara, shibuya, harajuku, yoyogi, shinjuku, ginza, odaiba.
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Tokyo on Foot is very nice with lots of graphic art, one unique kind of guide book. Let's get lost in the city with so much vitality and atmosphere with each district having its own character. And it is worth getting contact with Tokyo Free Guide and JapanTourGuide(JTG) are all fantastic ways to meet Japanese local people who are more than anything but willing to guide you this capital city of the eastern end. Of course, Lost in Tokyo by your own will would be highly recommend since we are sure that you will be a beautiful butterfly flying through wonderful rainbow. Butterfly needs bycicle as fish needs? how about FreeWheeling? And here's got the deal (^^) all 92 facilities of sightseeing spots including Sword Museum and Hokusai Museum and Edo Tokyo Museum are only JPY2,200 within 2 months, Grutto Pass is the best deal of Tokyo Tour. The fiscal year 2018 in Japan is between April 1st 2018 and March 31st 2019.
Hokusai Museum
All about Katsushika Hokusai, just another side of Sumida river (from Asakusa). Same side as Edo Tokyo Museum and Ryogoku Sumo Kokugikan.
Panda Bus Free Shuttle Bus
Cute panda bus is cruising between Asakusa and Tokyo SkyTree with free of charge.
Asakusa Jin-Riki-Sha Tour
Let's hire personal (one-man-powered) transportation, two feet, two wheels, usually two seaters (some three seaters available).
Tokyo LIMO Cruise
Let's hire LIMO to drift around downtown Tokyo!
Tokyo Nihonbashi Cruise
How about private water cruise all over Tokyo bay and canal, possible linking Haneda Airport to Asakusa and Tokyo Disney Resort (^^)
Tokyo Cruise on Sumidagawa
Direct water bus connected Asakusa and Odaiba, as well as Hamarikyu garden. One of the ferries was designed by the famous manga author (Ginga Tetsudo 999)
Tokyo Helicopter Cruise
How about the sky view experience over downtown Tokyo? Ginza neon, Tokyo SkyTree, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku Skyscrapers and more. Wedding, Honeymoon, Birthday, Anniversary, Once-in-Life-Experience and Before-You-Go-Capsule-Hotel.
Asakusa Bunka Kanko Center
The five star tourist office, your Tokyo sightseeing can be started ALL from this spot. With great day and night view from the top observatory (free of charge), you can see Skytree tower across Sumida river as well as five-story-pagota and main Sensouji temple. How about Maccha tea on the glass-view-open cafe?
Asakusa Sensouji Temple
The oldest temple in Tokyo. Night time light-up until 23:00 is calm and sound and unforgettable. You may click the right log for more detailed info., please.
Ueno Onshi Park
Japan's first park with a zoo, art museum, ponds and temples. It is famous for the magnificent cherry blossom trees, too. Watch people drunk or to enjoy Sakura blooming?
No more Tsukiji but Toyosu and Adachi with reports
The largest central wholesale market in Japan had long supported the kitchens of the huge city of Tokyo. 2018 already closed down and moved to new area, Toyosu Market (see reports above, please).
Imperial Palace
The Edo castle, formerly the Tokugawa family's residence, was opened in the Meiji Restoration and later renamed as the Imperial Palace. Nijubashi bridge is worth to visit, Budokan is the place where The Beetles played. Last Shogun's tomb is in Ueno, First Shogun's tomb is in Nikko.
Akihabara Electric Town
"The world famous electric city" or "The geek town" together with Manga, Japanimation, maid-cafe, gundam-cafe and cat-cafe.
Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine
Yoyogi Park is great fun on Sunday afternoons when young people dress in the weirdest (coolio) fashion and hair styles, some goth, some Elvis, some Kawaii Otaku. Takeshitadori (Takeshita dori) is also nearby.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Tokyo Tocho)
One of Tokyo's landmarks with a free observatory on the 45th floor. Tokyo tourist information center is on the 1st floor with multilingual guides. Nearby has the Park Hyatt building where the movie "lost in translation" was shot. Yes, life is like movie, movie is like life.
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Katsushika Hokusai's wood print Ukiyoe is demonstrated. Aside from original documents and copies of Edo-Tokyo historical date and materials, there are exhibits of large-scale reproduction models based on painstaking historical research. Original sized Nihonbashi, wooden bridge kilo post of Japan, will be the first step to welcome your entrance.
Origami Museum
This is how Japanese kids learn accuracy, patience, art and more.
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