Guide and information of Japan travel, with Mt.Fuji, Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Kawaguchiko, Hot Spring, Snow Monkey and more.
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Followings are the selection of day trips from downtown Tokyo. Try not to fix date(s) so that you will be able to go when you wake up with blue sky. Especially Mt.Fuji ....... no one wants to visit Hakone and Five Lake Area when cloud blocks your visitility. And 14-days-of-Tokyo is here.
Mt.Fuji Nikko National Park Kamakura Daibutsu Hakone Ashinoko Lake
The mountain of The World Heritage, of course! Perfect shape with height at 3,776 meter. The symbol of Japan. Official climbing season is for July and August, although, January and February has the cleanest air with longest visibilities, you may see Mt.Fuji even from Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Building, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Tower, SkyTree, Haneda Airport and more. Evangelion fan, please do not miss Fuji-Q Highland for the Eva Museum because we are sure that you will be excited riding on Entry Plug! The view with Hoto Fudo not far from Kawaguchi-Ko is spectacular.

Live view today from north 1/ from south 1 / from south 2
Recommended route (Apr.29th-Nov.3rd)
+ Shinjuku sta. - 5th sta.on Mt.Fuji (Fuji Kyuko Bus / 2hr 55min.)
+ Tokyo sta. - (JR Tokaido shinkansen express / 1hr 2min.) - Shizuoka sta. - (JR Minobu line limited express / 38min.) - Fujinomiya sta. - (Fuji kyuko bus) - Shin 5th sta. on Mt.Fuji

Note: Bus runs every Saturdays and Sundays during Apr. 29th and Nov. 3rd, and runs everyday for July and August
Recommended route (Winter)
+ Shinjuku sta. - Kawaguchiko Lake (Fuji Kyuko Bus / 1hr 45min.)
+ Tokyo sta. - Kawaguchiko lake (JR Bus Kanto / 2hr.)
+ Shinjuku sta. - (JR Chuo line limited express / 58min.) - Ohtsuki sta. - (Fuji Kyuko Line limited express / 42min.) - Kawaguchiko lake
Note: Bus to Kawaguchiko lake runs every day every season
Lake side bus tour by self can be done with these buses. It is also nice to see Mt.Fuji from another mountain. Beauty becomes more beautiful when we glimpse from a distance. Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway next to Kawaguchi-Ko, Arakurayamasengenkoen (Arakura-Yama Sengen Park) nearby Shimo-Yoshida Station on Fuji Kyuko Line, and Minobu Line plus Shimobe-Onsen .
NIKKO (with good walking maps)
Nikko has both nature and architecture. Mountains, waterfalls, outside hot-spring along the river. Tokugawa Shogun Shrine is one of the World Heritage sites. Relax Cafe is nice, Relax Onsen is nice, too, and here's got Kammangafuchi Relax Walk and Bus Map.

Live view today
+ Asakusa sta. - (Tobu Line Tobu Revaty and Spacia / 1hr 40min. or Tobu Kyuko regular train / 2hr 30min.) - Tobu Nikko sta. Discount tickets are available at Tobu Asakusa station (JPY2,000 return). You may as well be interested in this bus pass when you get there.
+ Ueno sta. - (JR Tohoku shinkansen express / 45 min.) - Utsunomiya sta. - (JR Nikko line / 43 min.) - Nikko sta.
Let's walk into the giant bronze Great Buddha's belly. Would you like to see what he has in his stomach? You may ask him if he is ready for anything. Life is all included, even death, in a certain way, perhaps. Good and bad, Bad and good, He knows.

Live view today
+ Tokyo sta. - Kita Kamakura sta. (JR Yokosuka line / 1hr)
Hakone no yama wa (ha) Tenka no ken. In Edo era, this was the customs/immigration which divided west Japan and east Japan. Hot spring with Mt.Fuji and lake all make the number one of Japan view. Can not miss this, right? Easy simple map is available at Mt.Fuji and Hakone Map. Fun (amusement park style) hot spring is available at Yunessun, which is rare-available onsen that you can go with swimming suit on, very artificial no authentic though. For those who like more tradition and authentic way of Japanese bath (being totally naked), Tenzan Tohji-Kyo is awesome. But actually Fuji Hakkei is much better. Why? Because you can see the perfect cone shape of the volcano while you are soaking in hotspring, oh, one more reason, there is a free pick-up bus from Gotemba station.

Live view today Hakone
/ Live view today Gotemba
+ Tokyo sta. - (JR Tokaido shinkansen express / 35min.) - Odawara sta. - (Hakone Tozan Tetsudo / 15 min.) - Hakone Yumoto sta.
+ Shinjuku sta. - (Odakyu Line
Romance Car limited express / 1hr 30min. / JPY2,080) - Hakone Yumoto sta.
+ Hakone Yumoto sta. - (Hakone Tozan Bus / 55min. / JPY1,280) - Gotemba sta.
+ JR Mishima sta. (Hakone Tozan Bus / 50min. / JPY970) - Gotemba sta.
+ Shinjuku sta. - (Odakyu Line Limited Express FujiSan / 1hr 40min. / JPY2,810) - Gotemba sta.
Some relaxation place like Kinugawa Park Hotels, Asaya (roof top onsen), Iwaburo, Isshinkan, Suzukaze and Kawaji Onsen (Kashiwaya is one of the best) are all recommended.
Our great ancestor founded how to relax in onsen (hot spring).
Yudanaka Onsen and Shibu Onsen

Live view of onsen monkeys at Jigokudani Yaenkoen

There is a nice Japanese traditional house to stay (Kura Guest House) between Yudanaka and Nagano, the town is called Suzaka (also the station name).
+ Ueno sta. - (JR Nagano Shinkansen / 1hr 30min) - Nagano - (Nagaden / 1 hr) - Yudanaka
Not far from downtown Tokyo, it is actually located before Hakone, here's what's new.
The Ryokan Tokyo Yugawara
+ Ueno sta. - (JR Tokaido Line / 1hr 40min) - Yugawara
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