Guide and information of Japan travel, with Japanese Vegan Tofu, Yuba, Kaiseki, Cooking, Soybean Food and more.
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Origin in mainland China, Tofu, Bean-Curd, Dou-Fu, is widely accepted not only in Asia. It is healthy (spiritually as well as phisycally) made of soy beans, you may also enjoy drinking soy milk with or without sugar. Low calories and little fat are appreciated by ladies all over the world for healthy yoga style diet. Why not combine with Zen and make yourself sprited away for heavenly life everyday. This page introduces four highly recommended must tofu restaurants in downtown Tokyo, three of which are actually in and nearby Asakusa.
Local Tofu Shop in asakusa
This is the local, very traditional and touch-the-ground, tofu store (made by them at their house) here in Asakusa. One of the corner shown on the Google View is also recommended Japanese cuisine restaurant called ichimatsu. And this map also shows local house made tofu shop. Where there are lots of tofu shops is good place to live.
Located in one of the biggest red light districts, Uguisudani on JR Yamanote Loop Line, despite the area, the restaurant has the Edo authentic atomosphere with traditional method of cooking inherited more than 300 years. The special water they appreciate from 80m underneath has so called best-fit-tofu liquid, which is actually the rain fell in Edo period (takes about 300 years to naturally purified to reach from Musashi plateau to the valley of singing bird).
Everyone living in Asakusa knows this place. All Tokyoite, especially those who run their own business knows nearby shrine, Ootori Jinja. Torinoichi (2 or 3 days in October every year) invites literally millions of business owners to pray and to get a lucky charm (raking object called Kumade) for their prosperous lives. Bon is just opposite side of the main street from the shrine, in a middle of nowhere block, but offers monthly different menu using seasonal locally harvested vegetables.
Kawakaze / Hamasei
Hamasei, one of the best Kaiseki Ryouri Restaurants, runs this Tofu featured Tofu Exclusive restaurant in Asakusa. Kumi-Yuba-Dofu(Tofu) is one in the kinds. You make your own Yuba-Dofu (Yuba-Tofu) on your table, and you may drink the rest as soy milk. On-Line Reservation is available at their official web site which is highly recommended.
Sister restaurant of well-known Ukai-Toriyama (located in Takao, the mountain area of Tokyo), Ukai-Shiba can be found right next to the old Tokyo Tower (not the Sky Tree new Tokyo Tower). It is one of the top best quality they serve, such style, tradition, zen, you never be dissapointed with their Tofu.
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