Guide and information of Japan travel, with Cat Cafe and Neko Cafe in Tokyo.
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Wan-wan is bow-wow in Janapese. Rabbit to pat? Owl to your shoulders? Below lists some shops. Dog Cafe in Tokyo
Japanese people love cats since Heian Period (794 - 1192), in the old script, there was already a case that people had cats as pet in their houses in the era. Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered his people not to chain the animals. Only few people knows that the loved creatures were imported from mainland China in 8th century (along with Buddhism!) in order to hunt mice and rats (without Buddhism compassion?)....... kawaii cat result, Osaka seemed to have no mice nor rats at the time. In Tokugawa Samurai Era (1603 - 1867), there was a official notice to encourage people eating cats and dogs while famine occurred, but then citizens would not like to eat them. Truth is that in Japanese history, beef and pork were only started consuming by Japanese stomach only after Meiji Restoration, never cats and dogs. Whales? Different stories.
All over Japan, you might be able to encounter this logo to think "how nice! are they collecting stray cats to pound for safe house?" ....... In a ceratin city like Musashino, where Ghibli Museum is located, there is such community which cares and finds a foster parent, there is even an apartment where you can rent their cat (monthly rental of your room is indeed included your rental pet!).
These recent days, especially in Heisei Era (1988 - ), many cafe or salon are opened-up for cat lovers. Followings to welcome you experience love-cat-moment. It is not designed to bring your own cat, but to pat their cats in their properties. Actual number of cat pet is 9.5 million, dog pet is 8.9 million, and more stray cats than stray dogs in Japan (pet sencus! 2017).
On your own iPad to pat them? Nyanko Daisensou (battle cats) is quite popular like Angry Birds. Are you good at it? Meant to ask if you are one of the good "techies" from IT world? How about work with PONOS? We don't create what's wanted, we go beyond, yeah! Working VISA issue? There is no problem if you read this (for those age younger than 30) and this (over 30). Never mind, there is an "old" Japanese man who opened his own cafe at his 80s, now over 100 years old!
And near Sendai, Ishinomaki, there is a small island where more number of cats are living than the numbers of human beings. The island is called Tashiro-jima in Miyagi-ken. In Shikoku western Japan, there is another island called Ao-shima in Ehime-ken where 15 people are enjoying cat-life with 100s! YouTube has the stress free clips. One more unique place.......the station master has been assigned to General Cat at Wakayama Dentestu Kishigawa Line , south of Osaka Kansai Airport. Or, rabbit island (Ohkuno island or Okunoshima) is in Hiroshima. In another side of Hiroshima, there is a cat trail in Onomichi.
And this site has ALL of cat heaven islands of Japan! even graveyard for your loved one!
Some recommendation throughout downtown Tokyo (CAT only)
Asakusa Neko-en
This is not pure-blooded cat but so-called Zasshu (mixed-blooded). Just like human beings, there should not be discriminated by blood, color, name of origin (anyway, cat never name each other in cat world?). They are all cute located at 6th floor in one of the Asakusa buildings. Skytree is right in front of you over the window.
Map Located in a middle of downtown called Asakusa, it is convenient for you to visit the cat world before/after Sensouji Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree as well as Tokyo River Cruise on Sumida River. Open 11:00 - 21:00 except Tuesdays and Holidays. The page says that 11:00 - 14:00 and 19:00 - 21:00 are not busy so you might be able to occupy all the cats they have?! It is JPY800 for 1st hour. Discount applies if longer hour you stay.
Cafe Monta
The newest opened in Asakusa. Official page introduces you their cute "casts".
Map Located in a center of Asakusa, next building of Tobu Skytree Line Asakusa station. 1st floor is Yoshinoya, cafe monta is located on the 8th floor of the same building.
The nearest from Asakusa Kaminarimon Gate of Sensouji Temple. This page introduces you their "families".
Map Located in a center of Asakusa, bartime (18:00 - 22:00) also opens as well as cafe hour (11:00 - 18:00).
Neko-maru Cafe (in Ueno and in Kinshicho)
Asakusa is right in the middle location of Ueno and Kinshicho, so you may have headache to choose which one to go. Actually there is a 3-hour-package-deal with which you may enjoy 2 hours in Ueno and 1 hour in their East Branch (in Kinshicho). It is about 10 minutes JR ride from Ueno to Kinshicho (waiting trains, transfer times, not counted). The Pack-Plan costs JPY2,200 for weekdays, JPY3,500 for weekends. Open hour is various, but 12:00 - 19:00 is definately opened. The cheapest Weekday-Try-Out costs JPY350 for the first 15 minutes (not available for weekends), Weekday-Try-Out costs JPY700 for the first 30 minutes (weekends costs JPY800).
Map Ueno is their first opened branch, and their head office, has more cats to pad. This page introduces you their "STAFFs" with pictures and profiles. There is also an "exclusive service" you may rent whole floor by yourself at extra cost. Please contact them in advance.
Calico (in Shinjuku and in Kichijoji)
If you were staying in west side of downtown Tokyo (Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya), you may find Calico (pronounce as Kya-li-ko, Kya is in Cat without T sound) is much convenient. Basic price is JPY1,000 for weekdays (JPY1,200 for weekends) per hour per person for either branches.
Map This Kichijoji branch is a good mixture to Ghibli Museum to make your day fulfilled. Feel the wind on Cat Bus in Totoro by Miyazaki Hayao animetion, they you must try this cat cafe. They are not linked by management, but cat fan links both places by heart!
(=^_^=) Nyow time to visit any of above, but got to go back to the airport? Here's T-CAT .
Not a fan of CAT? How about Rabbit? or even Owl?
Ra.a.g.f (Rough?) (in Harajuku)
Apart from Harajuku, there is also another branch in Jiyugaoka (between Shibuya and Yokohama). Basic price is JPY1,100 per hour per person, or JPY700 per 30 minutes per person.
Map This Harajuku branch is easy access on Ginza Line (Tokyo Metro G Line with orange color). Might as well consider, again, Ghibli Museum to hop on the Cat Bus (maybe it is a rabbit bus!?).
ToriCafe (Tori no iru cafe)
Around 10 owls are waiting for you. JPY1,000 for 30 minutes trial. You may even purchase the bird bringing back home (^^)
Map This is right in Asakusa, opens everyday. Google Indoor View for their Asakusa branch is available. Next shop is actually Tori-Yoshi, chicken BBQ opened 24 hours!
Fukurounomise (shop of owl)
Yes, the night bird owls are welcoming you at her cafe in Tsukishima, which is actually popular and famous for Monja or Monjayaki (Tokyo's Okonomiyaki).
Map This is right in the middle of no-where in Tsukishima on Toei Subway Oedo Line (E Line). Her address is Tsukishima 1-27-9, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Closed every Mondays and Tusedays. Fu = No, Kurou = Difficulties, therefore, no difficulties in life, have fun (^^)
And here's the final resting place for them, Amen.
Jikeiin Tama Inu Neko Reien
Map R.I.P. for all pets.
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