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Since it is true that Japan is No.4 consumer of world coffee beans only after EU, the USA and Brasil, as you might have assumed, downtown Tokyo has many thousands of coffee shops. 7-Eleven sold 850 million cups in 2015, and nubmers are rising-sun! In this page, unique all-about-cafe is linked, and some useful information for those who would like to be an owner of your taste of cafe. You may visit some of them before you open your stylish cafe shop in your city, before you decide which part of downtown Tokyo you would like to move into. Already an owner? already a resident of Tokyo? wanna be lost in translation? you may add some "bean" and "aroma" which could lead more spirits into your life (even temporary life) in Japan.

Peace, Nature, Love and Light, oh, Cat? and Rabbit? and Dog? and even Owl?!
Gallery ef in Asakusa
The used-to-be storage house (Kura in Japanese language, now you know why there is Kuramae or Kura-mae station next to Asakusa on Toei Subway Line) built in 1868 still remains the original antique taste, also does establish new style of gallery nearby Kaminarimon. The success combination of cafe with gallery spirits.
Clover Cafe = Animal Cappuccino
Best animal design cappuccino, very cute art sense. In front of A4 exit of Toei Asakusa Station (Pink Color, A Line, which goes both Narita Airport and Haneda Airport direct).
Tera Cafe in Daikanyama
Tera is Temple. Are you interested in sipping a cup of coffee (maybe maccha green tea?) while discussing about life&death with monk, yes, Harvard graduated real monk, at this modern temple? It is worth paying flight tickets only for this (^^)
Asakusa Bunka Kanko Center
Opened in May 2012 as new Asakusa information center located right in front of Kaminarimon Gate, also very near to new Tokyo Tower. Why not Asakusa coffee over Sensouji Temple and Skytree over Sumida river (Sumidagawa).
MUJI Cafe&Meal
All about MUJIRUSHI RYOHIN (known as MUJI), the above Map shows only for the one in Yurakucho, but they have branches in Shinjuku, Hibiya, Minami-Aoyama and even in Kyoto.
anImate cafe
Anime collaboration cafe is hot recent years, happening not only in Ikebukuro, Akihabara, but also in Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka and more.
Fuji ko-ki in Osaka
You might have heard of Fuji Royal Brand which was born in Osaka in 1955. Ko-Ki is Kohi (Coffee) Kikai (Machine). Main office in Osaka is nearby Sumo Tournament Stadium (March every year).
Daiwa Tekkojo in Okayama
Daiwa Tekkojo produces water-gate, flood-gate, hatch, part of dike, water-pipeline, drain, sewage, floating pier, pedestrian-bridge and so on. In 2001, the factory was asked if they could produce new type of meister by an owner of coffee shop (see below at Bach Kaffee). Start from scratch, original and unique meister was born to the market.
Kotobukiya in Hiroshima
If no time no funds no space to install your own meister machine, you may knock the door of this company to OEM your own coffee brand (more than 30 selections of coffee beans from all over the world) in your own drip-bag. Established in 1948 (only 3 years after the atomic bomb), small family oriented touched-to-local company has all ears to your taste. They are also ready to ship your own drip-bag machine (factory itself) to your country.
Bach Kaffee in Minami-Senju (north of Asakusa)
Born in 1968. This is THE coffee shop which desiged own meister (production at Daiwa Tekkojo, see above), started using them in 2002. The shop owner also hold a seminar or class or lesson to any coffee lovers at his coffee shop. Mr.Taguchi is the master of coffee in Japan.
Kappabashi Coffee & Bar in Asakusa
One of the relax coffee shops for Asakusa local people as well as those who visit world famous kitchenware street, Kappabashi Dougugai. 2nd floor has nice interior gadgets of Soi.
Cafe Otonova in Asakusa
One of the back street, very hidden location in western Asakusa, east side off Kappabashi.
Union Commerce in Asakusa
Would you like to roast beans at your own kitchen? Easy handy original home roaster is available at this shop. next to which has all about knife => .
Subtone in Asakusa
Map Facebook Subtone
Magic hands create such a wine glass of coffee. Also Japan's top whiskey brand Yamazaki (or Hakushu) is served. Only one type of beer is available but worth trying in whole life time, Japanese black beer from Niigata where good Sake is produced. You can imagine how good it is! Please do not expect Guiness, it is totally different, actually very NEW type of beer.
Cat Cafe in Ueno
Are you a cat fan? Not able to bring your loving cat while you are travelling but would like to pad cuties, then this cat cafe should satisfy your minds. Their cat food looks delicious, even it says yummy in its label, but it's for cats! You may order good coffee while feeding the laid back animals.
Gundam Cafe in Akihabara
You might have searched Gundam or Akihabara on google to reach this cafe. After and in the middle of your wonderful anime otaku manga day in Akihabara, why not sit and relax with Amuro and Sha with their mobilesuits.
Basecamp along the 2nd oldest shopping street (shou-ten-gai) of Japan
This roaster shop is located in the 2nd oldest shopping street in Japan. The #1 oldest is in Toyama-ken. While you are waiting your beans are being roasted by the shop master, you are served their special coffee. Aroma from the roaster, aroma from inside your body that you just enjoyed drinking, wish you fulfill coffee life in Taito-ku, Tokyo.
Cafe USAGI in Asakusa
Nothing to do with the USA but USAGI is the cute hopping animal. Yes, it is the hidden relaxing cafe off main street, middle of nowhere in Asakusa. Never find any "tourists" but locals" slow-space.
ain soph in ginza, shinjuku and ikebukuro
Very green and very clean cafe restaurant in Ginza, central Tokyo (Asakusa is connected on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line). You'll find your SELF once you have this ever-waiting chance to be there. Words cannot say, please take this opportunity to pursue your mission of this time of your life
February Cafe
Having been looking for real cafe latte in Tokyo? Owner learned a lot and opened her cafe with Italiano machine. Espresso to start good downtown walking? This is the best place to begin your day with. Thick toast bread is from one of the top of Tokyo (Pelican).
Photo Studio and Cafe in YaNeSen, Yanaka+Nezu+Sendagi, just north of Ueno Park.
Tomoyasu Cafe
Interior design, DIY (Do It Yourself), cafe in Asakusa-bashi, south of Asakusa. Neighborhood has a lot of hand craft material shops.
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