Guide and information of Japan travel, with Tokyo Metro, JR Railway, Gokokuji Temple, Kamakura Buddha and Shinjuku.
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Tokyo Drift? which was actually filmed in Shibuya (including the famous pedestrian crossing). The six best cities to get lost in? It is indeed precious time to find yourself, who you are, what to be, meaning of life, while you are traveling around the world. Walked along the Ganga river in Varanasi, but not yet Lost in Translation in downtown Tokyo? Temporary or not temporary, quit what you are doing, grab last-minute cheap fare to Narita or Haneda, yes, it is high time to explore and feel them all with your 6th sense here in the far east islands.
Here's a quote from BBC

The bewildering pace and flickering neon of this go-go city guarantee a bit of giddiness. Abandon yourself to the disorientation and you might just get off-road enough to find the wabi-sabi side of Tokyo JAPAN.

Tokyo Metro gets you lost
Tokyo has 9 lines (Tokyo Metro) and 4 lines (Toei Subway) plus JR lines, which is enough complicated but in addition to them, there are more than 10 private railway companies departing-from / arriving-at downtown Tokyo terminals (Asakusa, Ueno, Nippori, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa and of course Tokyo central station). Pick randomly any one station up from the map, and without GPS without handy guide, let's get lost, shall we.
Lost in the temple
Go-koku-ji (peace nation temple) was built in 1697, and remains the original structure and facade which is very rare because almost all buildings were damaged by Great Kanto Earthquake (1923) and/or Allied Bombing (1945). Unlike Kyoto temples, it is free of charge to get in and to take a walk through here in Tokyo, you will find the air of Edo Samurai Period once you step into the main temple (hondou). Thanks to major guide books, this temple is not listed but still on unbeaten track, you may find yourself as only being (apart from all the spirits in the air) in front of buddha statues. There is a little tiny shop humbly selling buddhism ralated ornaments (not like business-business pushing selling style of Asakusa Sensouji Temple). You may get some dream called like Santiago in The Alchemist. More lists of temple and shrine are at this page (some in English)
Find what Buddha eats
It is only 1 hour train ride either from Tokyo station (JR Yokosuka Line) or Shinjuku station (JR Shounan Shinjuku Line) to reach Kamakura where you could get lost either in little mountain hills or along the gray (not white) beach of the Pacific Ocean. To find your being is to find what Buddha (Vishnu transformed?) has in his mind (or in his stomach). You may officially enter, without even knock-knock, into his belly. Not very spiritual but many tourists throw coins to his chin which can be seen as bowl when you stand inside of his stomach. Let's make wish as you do for shooting stars.
Park Hyatt in Shinjuku
Of course, iwazutoshireta well-watched movie. Do you think that it is made-up story? You might have been missing that kind of chances even without noticing, well actually you are missing the opportunities because you are NOT noticing that it is right there in front of you anytime anywhere. Did you talk to the person who sit next to you on the international flight last time? S/he may have important information if you did converse. Let's follow the butterflies, you'll get your toast much delicious every morning. Let's follow the dream, again as morden alchemist, you may find treasures in you, yourself.
HachijoJima (Hachijo island)
This active volcanic island has been loney neglected and situated in the middle of Pacific Ocean, lies at a distance of 278km from Tokyo, yes, geographically it is one of the izu chain islands, yet administratively Tokyo, the capital. Edo and Meiji sent many prisoners deported to the island, modern era failed to make this island as Japan's Hawaii, now peacely and nicely "left-over" attracts nature lovers. One hour short ANA flight or 10 hours night ferry to the natural charm.
By the way, if you truly would like to meet Japanese alchemist (not just like a magician but similar to Donald Shimoda in illusions by Richard Bach), it is worth making a flight to Nagasaki (JR Pass holder can enjoy long train journey as listed at the bottom of this page). Kawatana station on JR Oomura Line (Omura Line) has the shop called Anderson (or Andersson, Anderusen, sounds like Danish). The master has been longing to encounter you face-to-face if you are reading this page already. Had all ears, he's got words to say. Now even easier and cheaper with LCC to visit the-only-port of Edo Samurai Time.
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