Guide and information of Japan travel, with Live Camera Akihabara, Shibuya, Tokyo Tower, Kabukiza in Tokyo.
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Map / Shibuya is top 5 busiest station in JR East area with about 1 million passengers get-on and get-off everyday. You may find more information about passenger-figures of JR at this page especially if you were interested in finding the least crowded station (how about 7 people everyday?). And of course this cool town is the place where Fast and Furious (Tokyo Drift) took place!
Map / Narita Airport is 45 minutes Skyliner train ride away from downtown Tokyo. Not a good location as Haneda Airport, but more and more LCCs are using Narita Airport.
Map / Haneda Airport is 20 minutes Monorail ride away from downtown Tokyo. The site can give you a beautiful shot of Mt.Fuji if weather turns good. Winter has better chance, and of course, it has to be day-time here in Japan (JST, Japan Standard Time). Take a shot of B787 as well, please, since you can control the camera on your computer.
Map / Akihabara is world most geek town (^_^) with all the electric and electronic gadgets plus maid cafe as well as cat cafe, gandum cafe, eva cafe and more!
Map / Asakusa Sensouji Temple is one of the most famous and most popular temple in Tokyo. Unlike those temples in Kyoto, there is no admission fee. Yes, it is free of charge for entrance. Buddha has never asked you pay money for compassion and love, has he?!
Map / Tokyo Tower is 333 meter in Minato-ku.
Map / SkyTree is 634 meter in Sumida-ku (next to Asakusa). The same angle picture can be taken from Tobu Hotel Levant or Dai-ichi Hotel Ryogoku .
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