Guide and information of Japan travel, with Amphibious Vehicle, Japanese Water Power Car Bus in Fiji Five Lakes.
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Is this a car or is this a boat? It is the amphibian presented by human beings. Also, there is a hybrid machine (not Toyota Prius), yes mixture of car and train! You may enjoy them as riding the public transportation now in Japan.
Now SKY Duck is available at Skytree (New Tokyo Tower). Wanna splash in? Here's the details in English at official website SkyBus .
tokyo duck tour
Kaba (Hippo) in Five Lakes and in Odaiba
It is named after hippopotamus, and it actually looks like the animal. Tokyo costs JPY3,500 but Yamanakako (1 of the 5 lakes in Mt.Fuji area) costs only JPY2,200. You may experience this splash-in-splash-out along with the great Mt.Fuji view and/or in Tokyo Bay (Odaiba).
Map of Yamanakako As you may find on the map, it is stone-throw-away from Mt.Fuji. The view is excellent on road and on lake. There are frequent highway bus service from/to Shinjuku (one of the Tokyo downtown station). This page has the highway bus time table as well as fare price.
Duck Tour (in Yunishikawa Onsen)
Run through April 27th to December 11th (closed in winter), departs from this station, why not duck on the dam lake of Kawaji (much deeper mountain behind Nikko and Kinugawa) costs JPY3,000 per adult, JPY2,000 per child (under 12 years old). There is a direct train service from Asakusa to Yunishigawa-Onsen (train station is called Yunishigawa Onsen instead of Yunishikawa Onsen). From the end of Tobu Pass (Shin-Fujiwara), it is additional 10km ride (additional payment of JPY500) to Yunishigawa-Onsen station. Followings are the example of the connecting trains, you may need to transfer 1 or 2 times. Time table for example shows as below.

Asakusa 05:58 => 09:58 Yunishigawa-Onsen
Asakusa 06:44 => 10:25 Yunishigawa-Onsen
Asakusa 08:13 => 12:07 Yunishigawa-Onsen
Map As above mentioned, you may enjoy Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen as well as Kawaji Onsen together with the amphibious Vehicle Ride. Yunishikawa (or Yunishigawa) itself has many onsen spots. Tobu Top Tours has English Booklet, with which tour can be organized easily.
DMV (dual mode vehicle)
This is not an amphibian but mix hybrid of bus and train produced by JR Hokkaido (northern island of Japan). The cute yellow rail-bus is now marketing throughout Japan. Not only in Hokkaido, but you may enjoy riding them in Shizuoka and in Tokushima as well as in Kouchi.
Map (original run) This map is showing where the DMV was born and tested. YouTube shows bit slow transformer :D
NE Train (New Energy Train or Diesel/Battery Hybrit Train)
It has been tested for more than decade, test on Koumi Line (Kobuchizawa - Kiyosato - Nobeyama - Koumi - Sakudaira - Komoro) of JR East had completed, new modified EV-E301 is running below.
EV-E301 Train (Energy Storage Vehicle) or ACCUM
Now running on Karasuyama Line (nearby Nikko, from Utsunomiya to Karasuyama via Hoshakuji which is designed by Kuma Kengo) of JR East. WIth overhead-line (electric line) between Utsunomiya and Hoshakuji (or Houshakuji), and without overhead-line (without electric line) between Hoshakuji (or Houshakuji) and Karasuyama. End of the line (Karasuyama station) has battery charger (^_^) for the train. For you (human being), there is a golf resort with hot spring called Karasuyamajo Country Club.
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