Guide and information of Japan travel, Star Alliance ANA B787 Dreamliner new airplane fly first all over Japan sky.
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ANA B787? or Lufthansa A380?
Star Alliance ANA Dreamliner at Haneda B787 new airplane
Sayonara B747, now new era has begun with B787 which is 35 percent made in Japan, some says made WITH Japan (^^). Commercial flights are now available for Sapporo-Chitose (CTS), Hakodate (HKD), Haneda (HND), Osaka Itami (ITM), Okayama (OKJ), Hiroshima (HIJ), Matsuyama (MYJ), Takamatsu (TAK), Kumamoto (KMJ), Miyazaki (KMI), Nagasaki (NGS), Fukuoka (FUK, oh, sorry, didn't mean that!), Kagoshima (KOJ), Okinawa (OKA), Ishigaki (ISG) and more. And B787-9 (dash nine) already started flying over Japan sky.
ANA is expanding B787's international routes aggressively, now flying Beijing (PEK), Shanghai (PVG), Taiwan (TSA not TPE), Singapore (SIN), Jakarta (CGK), Manila (MNL), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Vancouver (YVR), Seattle (SEA), San Jose (SJC), Dusseldorf (DUS), Frankfurt (FRA), Munchen (MUC), Paris (CDG) and more. This site has all ANA's fleets registered. Can you find B787-900 (the world's 2nd after Air NewZealand)?

Are you waiting for the next generation (small brother of B787) already? Mitsubishi is currently building regional jet which will be a competition to Bombardier and Embraer. Made-in-Japan jet aircraft will be finally realized after 70 years of World War 2. MRJ is Japan Dream.

Back to the story of the dream liner. 787 has bigger window ever to see more blue sky and white cloud, let's imagine to fly through magic northern lights on this aircraft. Fuel efficiency (20 percent less than 767) makes possible to fly direct to medium city (not hub airport of big city but rather middle-sized-city), JAL introduced Tokyo - Boston in 2012. ANA is battling with Lufthansa A380 for Frankfurt route with installing the fuel efficient craft. ANA also started Seattle (WA) and San Jose (CA) on the west coast of the USA. Air Canada (Haneda - Toronto - Tel Aviv) also appreciates B787, United links Tokyo and Denver (CO) as well as Houston (TX). For long haul routes, ANA has better Business Class configuration (full flat sleeper seat) than Lufthansa's Business Class (angle sliding seat which not many people like that's why Lufthansa invested 3 -billion-euro for finally full flat sleeper seat , some Tokyo route has installed this new Business Class already and will be fully flat bedded starting from winter 2015). UA's BusinessFirst (Business Class) has also fully flat as you can see on this page. Which you'd fly to Japan? Or, do you still prefer to be on B747 the Jumbo Jet, especially the upper deck semi-compartment privacy?
Are you a fan of airliners and A380 families? Narita Airport has seven routes for the big whale (bird), Frankfurt (FRA) by Lufthansa, Paris (CDG) by Air France , and Singapore (SIN and LAX) by Singapore Airlines. The least seats of ever (more individual space with only 407 seats in total) by Korean Air, too, which is for Seoul (ICN). Now Thai Airways International for Bangkok. Their time schedule for departures and arrivals are as shown below, all activities are based on Japan Standard Time. Skymark filed to commence civil rehabilitation process with cancelling all A380s they firmly ordered. Dream would not be made over Japan sky with Skymark.

SIN <=> NRT <=> LAX

SQ-012 lands 17:30 gate 45or46 terminal 1 South
SQ-011 lands 19:15 gate 45or46 terminal 1 South
SQ-012 departs 19:15 gate 45or46 terminal1 South
SQ-011 departs 20:50 gate 45or46 terminal 1 South


TG-676 lands 15:45 gate 46 terminal 1 South
TG-677 departs 17:25 gate 45or46 terminal 1 South
TG-640 lands 06:15 gate 45or46 terminal 1 South
TG-641 departs 10:45 gate 45or46 terminal 1 South

You are right to be excited to see two A380s right next each other as they spot side by side (gate 45 and gate 46). Daily status can be checked at this site, please.

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