Guide and information of Japan travel, with Hakkaisan Sake in Muikamachi Niigata
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HAKKAISAN SAKE and Japanese Whiskey
World famous brand DASSAI brewed in Yamaguchi has only top quality sake as they stopped making cheapo-range. Tokyo has their official shops, one at Tokyo Square Garden in Kyobashi on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, the other one at Mitsukoshi in Ebisu on JR Yamanote Line. If not once in a month, maybe once a year, how about tasting, sipping, enjoying a glass of life at Bar 23? Twenty-three means that you'd throw away the rest of rice (77 percent of rice). Life is to fulfill 100 percent, not only 23 percent (^^)

Everyday happiness you are looking for? Once NHK TV morning drama took place with linking Asakusa and Niigata. Eel restaurant in Asakusa cannot be referred without one of the best Sake in Japan. Hakkaisan, literally meaning of Eight Ocean Mountain, can be seen the best picturesque view from Muikamachi (literally Six Day Town, Mui Ka Machi).
Their brewery is in top secret zone, but thanking to modern technology, you can actually catch the satelite view at Google Map.

Here's the Japanese language site

Here's the (North American?) English version

Do not drink and drive the wrong side of the road!
hakkaisan sake line ups
And your itinerary can be scheduled at this site. Just a few example below (without JR Pass).

JR Train (about JPY7,000 including Shinkansen fare, less than 2 hours)
Asakusa => (Tokyo Metro) => Ueno => (Joetsu Shinkansen) => Echigo-Yuzawa => (Joetsu Local Line) => Muikamachi

JR Local Train (JPY3,670 with at least two transfer, 5 hours)
Asakusa / Ueno => (Takasaki Line) => Takasaki => (Joetsu Local Line) => Minakami => (Joetsu Local Line) => Muikamachi

Highway Bus (JPY2,800 plus Tokyo Metro or JR Yamanote Line, 3 - 4 hours)
Asakusa / Ueno => (Tokyo Metro / JR Yamanote Line) => Ikebukuro (Highway Bus) => Muikamachi
Mukamachi has small ski resort (not as major/big as GALA Yuzawa) named after Hakkaisan. Their Youth Holstel had closed in 2008, but there are as well as many onsen ryokan in the area, just an example => very traditional and authentic style ryokan, highly recommended, here you go,
Ojiya Furusato no Oka
Kiyotsukyo Onsen YH
House of Light
Sansho House
Matsunoyama Kyororo by Tezuka san
Shinano 100 nen (year)
Let's talk back to Sake story. Are you on your way to Kanazawa? Tokyo => Echigo-Yuzawa (Muikamachi) => Kanazawa? Then, Kagatobi (Kaga-Tobi) is as good as Hakkaisan. You may find their English site at this page , please.
In Asakusa, there is a Sake bar called SakenoDaimasu for Sake tasting, more than 100 kinds of Sake from all over Japan.
Free Alcohol Tasting (limited quantity!) All Over Japan
Hokkaido has famous Nikka (Yoichi) Whisky (their peat in Hokkaido is as same as the one in Scotland!) and Sapporo Brewery Kengaku and Sapporo Bier Garten (Beer Garden, may cost a bit).

Within Tokyo, very convenient to visit, there is Musashino Beer Factory, just west of Shinjuku.

Not far from Tokyo has Suntory Hakushu Factory in Yamanashi-ken. There is even a free shuttle bus serivce from/to nearby JR station. Yamanashi-ken is also famous for Japanese Wine. Really? You may taste your fruity life at Tomi-No-Oka.

And the BEST whisky in Japan (some even says that BEST of the world, even better than Scotch?!) can be completed with Kyoto city tour. Suntory Yamazaki Factory is the one!
And here's the "BEST" of angel's sharing !(^^)!
Bored with Hakushu and Yamazaki? You must be very serious! In Chichibu, Saitama-ken, there is a small company called Chichibu Distillery , which produces Ichiro's Malt with very limited volume. Already planning to visit the distillery? Here's the way from downtown Tokyo (from Tokyo Ryokan). And here's got more!
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