Guide and information of Japan travel, with sensouji temple, nakamise, kappabashi, skytree, ueno park, sakura and more.
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sensouji temple Sensouji Temple
Sensouji ( also known as Asakusa Kan-non Temple ) is a Buddhist temple. Night time light-up until 23:00 is calm and sound and unforgettable. Great view from the roof top, Miharashi cafe.
kaminarimon gate Kaminarimon Gate
Kaminarimon ( Thunder Gate ), the outer gate of the Sensouji Temple and symbol of Asakusa, which was dedicated by Mr.Panasonic (Matsushita san).
nakamise dori street Nakamise
A shopping street of 260m, 88 shops. Edo-style crafts is sold here. Worth roaming in the night time to see Japanese paintings on each shutter. Perpendicularly crossing shopping street is called Shin-Nakamise, also worth to explore 110 shops on 380m length.
Nitenmon Gate
Two Heavens Gate. Built in 1618, refurbished in 2009. Right next to this gate has nice bar called Bar six. View from the deck is awesome.
five storied pagoda Goju-no-tou (Five Storied Pagoda)
On top of which a bone of Buddha, offered from the Royal temple of Sri Lanka, is kept. Indeed, Japan is a Buddhism country.
bentenyama tokinokane Bentenyama Tokinokane
It had been used as a clock for Edo citizen. Nowadays, it still ding-dongs at 6 o'clock in the morning. Let's wake up for happy day. And 108 ding-dongs in the evening of December 31st called Joyano-Kane. Let's wake up for happy life.
denbouin temple garden Denbouin Temple
The accommodation for monks of Sensouji Temple. One of the best kept Japanese garden in downtown Tokyo. Unfortunately not open to public anymore. Would you like to be a monk?
denbouin dori street Denbouin dori
How many of Nezumi Kozo (famous Edo burglar) can you find on the street? This one is above the roof!
asakusa jinja shrine Asakusa Jinja Shrine
Sanja Matsuri, one of the three major festivals in Tokyo, which takes place every year in late May. The town gets hottest in atmosphere. Japanese style wedding is available, please just invite your partner (^^)
kappabashi dougugai kitchenware street Kappabashi Dougugai
Tokyo's wholesale restaurant supplies area. Surprising chef welcomes you, but you'll be more surprised to meet the golden creature somewhere along the street. And this is all plastic! Perpendicularly crossing shopping street is called Kappabashi-Hondori .
matsuchiyama shoden temple Matsuchiyama Syouden (Shoden) Temple
Radish represents the harmony of wife and husband as well as spiritual lustration. What do you mean by that? Let's visit the temple to find out (^^)
ootori jinja shrine Ootori Jinja Shrine
November festival started in Edo period. Get Kumade for your business uprising! Let's rake the fortune in!
star no hiroba Star-no-Hiroba (Asakusa Koukaido Hall)
Japanese Holliwood Star?! There is a Google Map with one click away on the page.
asahi beer Asahi Beer Tower
It is the headquarter of Asahi Breweries and designed in a shape of a mug of beer, and the hall next to it, has a giant golden flame on top (no shit, no sperm).
sumidagawa riverside park sakura Sumida Park
Nice warm walk with cherry blossom. Fire works festival in summer time. Lunch break with your bento-box in any season. Nice cafe along the river. It is true that Manufacturer is one of the top bakery in Tokyo.
new tokyo tower sky tree Tokyo Sky Tree
Hight of 634m, completed in 2012, new Tokyo Tower. Arch rising of warpage/camber line is the Japanese tradition. New sightseeing spot of Asakusa, only Sumida river away. Best view is actually not from the top observation floor but from the bottom to look up.
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