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CAFE and BAR in Asakusa
Gallery ef
Cafe, Lunch, Bar
Place for expressing inner child of world-wide-artists. Back side of their cafe/bar has Kura built in 1868, half survived well through WW2 bombing. Wonderful place to be after Asakusa sightseeing.
Address : Kaminarimon 2-19-18, Edo dori ave.
Pelican Cafe
Cafe, Lunch
One of the Tokyo's simplist and best baker Pelican opens own cafe nearby. Between Tawaramachi and Kuramae.
Address : Kotobuki 3-9-11, Taito-ku, south of Pelican Bread
February Cafe
Breakfast, Cafe, Lunch
Moved to new place in July 2018. Opens everyday from 08:15AM - 07:00PM. Relax and comfort with aroma. Hot Ginger Ale is excellent, too. La Marzocco from Italia has good blend with Kaminarimon Asakusa. Just off main street of Asakusa dori avenue, bit south of it. Its brother shop Feb's coffee and scone is also highly recommended.
Address : Komagata 1-9-8, Taito-ku, south of Asakusa street
Phone : 03-6802-7171
Kappabashi Coffee & Bar Breakfast, Cafe, Lunch, Bar
Architect cafe along the kitchenware street, Kappabashi. Non-smoking. Attached with interior design shop called soi. A few minutes happy walk from Tokyo Ryokan.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 3-25-11, Kappabashi dori ave.
Bakery Cafe Yamazaki
Breakfast, Cafe, Lunch
Panda bread, Turtle bread, GomaAn and more. Back up plan of February Cafe (^^)
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 1-1-17, Kokusai dori, nearby Exit #3 of Tawaramachi Station
Leaves Coffee Apartment
Cafe and Burger
Between Asakua and Ryogoku, west bank of Sumida River, in the toy town called Kuramae.
Address : Komagata 2-2-10, Taito-ku
Cafe Meursault
Located along Sumida River, good view on the terrace both 2nd floor and 3rd floor.
AkaneSaryo at Rox3G
Japanese sweets with Matcha, UjiKintoki, Shiratama, Zensai and more. All seats non smoking. Very relaxed cafe nearby Jakotsuyu hotspring onsen.
7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson
Machine grind self service aroma is available at all of the convenience stores. Some says better than coffee shop, of course available 24 hours. All of them has free WiFi.

Not address, but this map has their location, basically every block has one of them! 7-Eleven and FamilyMart and Lawson .
Miharashi Cafe on top floor of Asakusa Bunka Kankou Center
Cafe, Lunch, Dinner, Observation Deck
Architect must please see this building. Located right in opposite of Kaminarimon Gate (of Sensouji Temple). The Japanese modern style tower has not only cafe and lunch but also all-about information with great terrace view of Tokyo Skytree. 2nd floor has
free WiFi. 1st floor has money exchange. It is 8 floored but equivalent to 13 - 14 floored apartment building height.
Address : Kaminarimon 2-18-9, Kaminarimon dori ave.
Nana's Green Tea
Cafe, Lunch, Sweets
All about green tea including Green Latte, Uji-cha, Matcha, Kuki-cha, Hoji-cha, Genmai-cha, also Udon and Rice Bowl and more.
Address : 2nd floor of Marui Department Store, Ueno 6-15-1
Sekai Cafe
Cafe, Lunch, Dinner
World traveller must visit place. Halal, Vegan, all welcome with free WiFi.

Address : Asakusa 1-18-8
Cafe, Bar, Cigar, Sweets
Place for local relaxation right in front of small comfortable sized park. Best season for all year around, of course, especially cherry blossom season, the petal will fall into your glass or cup, how nice it would be, just 2 - 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Ryokan.
Address : Matsugaya 1-11-3, next to Matsuba Park
Cafe (14:00 - 18:00) and Bar (21:00 - 01:00AM)
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Good coffee taste like - this is the end of life with such aroma and ambience. Low keyed, hidden place, very difficult to find, but good omen will surely bring you there while you are walking Kappabashi dori avenue. The best black beer of Japan cannot be missed. What a wonderful life with Jazz and Coffee.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-4-5 (Tokyo Ryokan is 2-4-8)
Anmitsu, Sweets, Green Tea, Lunch
Maccha (green tea), black bean, red bean, anmitsu, Japanese style sweets shop. Take-out available. Opens 11:30 - 18:30.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-4-1, Kikusui dori ave. (Tokyo Ryokan is 2-4-8)
MOS Burger
Breakfast, Cafe, Vegetable Hamburger, Rice Burger, Coffee, Tea
Address 1 : Hanakawado 1-10-2, under the railway of Tobu Skytree Line Asakusa station
Address 2 : Matsugaya 1-1-1, 10 seconds walk from the southern most Kappabashi Dougugai (kicthen tool street)
Starbucks Coffee
All you need like your Starbucks in your home town
Just introduced Wi2 internet service for free. No order or no Wi-Fi and No-smoking (^_^)
Address : Kaminarimon-dori, center of Asakusa, not far from Tokyo Ryokan
Campion Ale
Real Ale of British Pub. Onsite brewery right in Asakusa, the same street (Kikusui dori) of Bistro Katori, Taito Ryokan (2-1-4), Sometaro, Mokudoh-Tengoku, YakiteBar, Tokyo Ryokan (2-4-8) and Kikumaru.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-2-2, Kikusui dori ave.
Tokyo Knowledge
New style Sake bar along Kaminarimon avenue
Address : Stair up (2nd floor) of local bakery COURAGE which is also highly recommended
Bar six
Bar. Only the bar you can see Sensouji Temple so close in light. Why not Pagota as well as Sky Tree (New Tokyo Tower) with pure sake drink.
Address : Asakusa 2-34-3, Amuse Museum 6 floor
2018 November 14th updated
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