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2014 August 27th
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Special discount tickets for EVERYONE (unlike JR Pass, you can buy while you are in Japan)

Valid from July 20th to September 10th
Valid from December 10th to January 10th
Valid from March 1st to April 10th
This is, by all means, the cheapest transportation method next to hitch-hike, Low Cost Carrier (budget airlines, cheap airlines) and Hokkaido&Higashi-Nihon-Pass (JPY10,290 for 7 consecutive days only valid for JR Hokkaido & JR East & 4 other private railways) if you don't mind taking the slowest trains (available for only JR local train/s and JR rapid train/s, no bus available, no ferry available except Miyajima, no express available, no limited express available, no shinkansen available). It is JPY11,850 for 5 flex-days (for 1 person) during the validity, or 5 of you can use it in 1 specific day (00:00 - 24:00) during the validity (all 5 people have to take exactly same route since the ticket is only 1 piece of paper, physically not able to hold separately by 5 people). Also, the following option is available.
jr local train tadami line iiyama line
By the way, the number eighteen (18) is pronounced as Juu-hachi (or Jyu-hachi), Juu (or Jyu) is 10 (ten) in Japanese language which sounds like Jui of "Apple Juice". Seishun-18 is the spirit of 18 years old. Isn't it high time to travel again? and more!

Example 1
2 people use it on August 18th, 3 people use it on September 3rd

Example 2
2 people use it on August 22nd, 2 people use it on September 2nd, give it away to your friend who can use it until September 10th (inclusive)

Example 3
1 person use it on July 20th, July 21st, August 30th, August 31st and September 9th

Example 4
4 people use it on September 5th, 1 person use it on September 6th

Example 5
5 people use it on August 15th

JPY11,850 = JPY2,370 x 5. Yes, calculation goes one-person-one-day as JPY2,370 which is equivalent fare of between 121km-140km ride (JPY2,270 in main island, Honshu which is run by JR East, JR Tokai and JR West) and 141km-160km (JPY2,590 in main island, Honshu which is run by JR East, JR Tokai and JR West). If you were planning to ride the routes mentioned below (one way distance more than 141km, one way one adult tariff fare for local train and/or for rapid train), it is worth purchasing the Seishun 18 Kippu.

Note : Other than 3 main JR companies (JR Hokkaido, JR Shikoku, JR Kyushu), less kilometers can pay it all. It is because their price tariff per kilometer is rather expensive compare to the main island JR companies (JR East, JR Tokai, JR West).

Sapporo - Asahikawa : 136.8km, JPY2,490
Nemuro - Kushiro : 135.4km, JPY2,490
Hakodate - Aomori (crossing the tunnel) : 160.4km, JPY3,240
Sendai - Utsunomiya (transfer for Nikko) : 242.3km, JPY4,430
Tokyo - Minakami (for Takaragawa Onsen) : 164.1km, JPY3,020
Tokyo - Matsumoto (in Nagano) : 235.4km, JPY4,000
Tokyo - Fuji : 146.2km, JPY2,590
Nagoya - Nagano (via Matsumoto) : 250.8km, JPY4,430
Nagoya - Takayama : 180.3km, JPY3,350
Kyoto - Kanazawa : 224.8km, JPY4,000
Kobe - Hiroshima : 304.7km, JPY5,400
Kobe - Kochi : 331.9km, JPY6,400
Hakata - Nagasaki : 153.9km, JPY2,810
Miyazaki - Kagoshima : 122.7km, JPY2,480
Beppu - Kumamoto : 160.1km, JPY3,240

It is convenient to make your individual journey at Hyper Dia or Jorudan, please.

Possible long train trips (needs several transfer) are available as below. Please expect your butt will be hurt like rock  :3

Long journey 1 (originally JPY8,740 but JPY2,370 with Seishun 18 Kippu)
Sapporo 06:00 => 07:56 Takikawa 08:05 => 09:09 Furano 09:14 => 11:22 Obihiro 12:44 => 16:13 Kushiro 16:28 => 18:59 Nemuro

Long journey 2 (originally JPY9,610 but JPY2,370 with Seishun 18 Kippu)
Ueno 05:46 => 07:27 Utsunomiya 07:37 => 08:28 Kuroiso 08:39 => 09:58 Koriyama 10:08 => 10:54 Fukushima 11:00 => 12:16 Sendai 12:45 => 13:30 Kogota 13:46 => 14:32 Ichinoseki 14:43 => 15:24 Kitakami 16:23 => 17:39 Yokote 17:52 => 19:05

Long journey 3 (originally JPY8,210 but JPY2,370 with Seishun 18 Kippu)
Tokyo 05:20 => 07:27 Numazu 07:31 => 08:29 Shizuoka 08:30 => 09:42 Hamamatsu 09:44 => 11:46 Ogaki 12:12 => 12:46 Maibara 12:50 => 13:43 Kyoto

Long journey 4 (originally JPY6,480 but JPY2,370 with Seishun 18 Kippu)
Kyoto 05:21 => 07:28 Himeji 07:31 => 09:08 Okayama 09:13 => 10:41 Itozaki 10:54 => 12:13 Hiroshima

"Mild" journey 5 (originally JPY4,780 but JPY2,370 with Seishun 18 Kippu)
Kurashiki 06:13 => 06:29 Okayama 06:37 => 07:17 Sakaide 07:26 => 07:41 Tadotsu 07:44 => 08:15 Kan-on-ji 08:59 => 10:06 Iyosaijo 10:29 => 12:17 Matsuyama

Long journey 6 (originally JPY7,340 but JPY2,370 with Seishun 18 Kippu)
Hiroshima 07:06 => 11:13 Shimonoseki 11:16 => 11:29 Kokura 11:44 => 13:32 Tosu 13:50 => 16:57 Nagasaki

Long journey 7 (originally JPY8,670 but JPY2,370 with Seishun 18 Kippu)
Hakata 08:11 => 09:28 Arao 09:41 => 11:05 Yatsushiro 11:09 => 12:22 Hitoyoshi 13:21 => 14:47 Yoshimatsu 17:22 => 18:53 Miyakonojo 19:07 => 20:14 Miyazaki

Small tip is that you may get your seat upgraded (green car = 1st class) if your local train or rapid train had the wagon/facility. It is always cheaper to buy the upgrade (green car = 1st class) before boarding on train. Purchasing the green car surcharge = 1st class surcharge is more expensive if you did so on the train.
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