Guide and information of Japan travel, with Asakusa, Akihabara, Yanaka, Ueno, Ryokan and more.
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2017 May 29th updated
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Bike, Cycle, Bicycle in Takayama and Tokyo
Organized tour can be purchased via JDT or JTB, but if you were more into touch-to-the-ground type of self tour, especially on your own feets and by your own engine (heart) to pedal your bike, this is the page to introduce your new way of journey in Japan. Big city has Tokyo, remote village town has Hida-Furukawa (Takayama in Gifu). You will not forget this experience of real Japan! No need to sweat? Let's feel the wind with Japan Bike Rentals ! You may compare to NinjaTours .
Day 1 (Tokyo Bike)
Apart from Amsterdam, Paris, New York.......and some of big Chinise cities.......Tokyo has her own bike-world. You may rent cheap second-hand bike from TX Asakusa station nearby Tokyo Ryokan (really cheap! at around few hundreds yen a day) and go your own route to be lost in translation, but it is also a good idea to be stylishly-kool on nice Tokyo bike here in downtown with Tokyo Bike or Rin Project Matsugaya. Imperial Palace has free bike rides including two-riders called Palace Cycling.

Mind you west of Ueno is hilly with roads up and down. Should your heart needed some assistance/support, there are electric-powered-bicycle for easy riders available at ORIX.

You can even buy one here at Y'sRoad and Art Sports! in Ueno where you may find more bicycle shops, and ship them back home with Ta-Q-Bin (Black-Cat) after enjoyig riding all.
Between Day 1 and Day 2 (Tokyo => Takayama or Hida-Furukawa)
If you had JR Pass already prior to come to Japan, there are two routes from Tokyo to Satoyama Village Town. One is along Pacific Ocean, the other is via Japan Sea side (Russian side). Time table is just an example, but you will be able to confirm your train on your specific day at this page. You may also find more detailed information at this page.

Tokyo => Nagoya => Takayama
09:50 => 11:31 / 11:43 => 14:08
JPY15,220 one way per adult

Tokyo => Toyama => Hayahoshi => Takayama
10:08 => 12:19 / 12:33 => 12:45 / 13:11 => 14:32
JPY15,830 one way per adult

Forgot JR Pass or you don't need JR Pass, here's the direct bus from Shinjuku to Takayama. More information can be found at this page and this page .

Shinjuku => Takayama
08:00 => 13:30
JPY6,500 one way per adult

Ready for authentic Japan village tour? Let's move on to Day 3.
Day 3 (Hida-Furukawa Bike)
Since Takayama is too touristic, let's find off-the-riden route in Hida-Furukawa which is only 3 local train stops or just 1 stop by Limited Express Wide-View Hida.

Kiminona (Hida Furukawa)
Hida Satoyama Cycling

Their local houses made officially "eco-green" (no chemical era built but with only wood, mud, rice-rope, paper, very environmentally sustainable products) are available upon request.

Hope you feel fantastic with so many nice people in such beautiful area, would you like to work volunteerly? Here's some idea for your new life.

Working Holiday
JET Programme

Day 4 or some days or even weeks later, you may come back to Tokyo (Narita or Haneda) or you may keep finding Japan's Beauties in Kanazawa, Toyama, Nagano, Kyoto, Shimanami-Kaido (Mecca for riders)Amami-Oshima and more.
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