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There are about 50 places recommended on this page. Even you eat 5 meals a day, you need 10 days to stay in Asakusa! Already considering living here in Tokyo? Before you lost your way, let's print-out the hand-made local restaurant map and explore with big appetite!
sushi sukiyaki tempura, tendon ramen okonomiyaki
Onigiri Yadoroku
Asakusa has the oldest rice-ball restaurant. 2 balls + miso soup is the basic set menu. 3 balls as well (^^) or swings you out !(^^)!
Asakusa but Kyoto style which means very delicate and "subtle" in each taste. Lunch has deal with all less than JPY1,000. Only counter table with limited number of chair with face-to-face service by your local chef.
Excellent Japanese cuisine along Sumida river. Lunch has great deal. Just opened in 2015.
Izakaya (i-zaka-ya)
Stay-Sake-Store is the direct translation, and there are many izakaya under the train tracks (cheap and good) along JR Yamanote line especially between Ueno and Shimbashi. Strong recommend on red lanturn at Andy's Fish (a.k.a. Shin-Hinomoto in Japanese) at Yurakucho station which is not far from Tsukiji Fish Market. Chutoro, Shirako Ponzu, Torinokaraage, Satsumaage, Yakiudon, Asarinosakemushi, Ankimo, Hotate (excellent!) with Asahi Beer (^^)
Butadon (Buta-Don)
Originated in Obihiro Tokachi, Buta-ck opens here in Ueno. Now no need to fly Hokkaido for the good taste but within nice walking distance.
Address : Ueno 3-18-4, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Mizuguchi Shokudou
Taste of Asakusa family, located in the back alley of small street, easy to order because they have plastic food model in their show case, or better to point-out (nicely) if you see other people enjoy eating their favorite. Finally in 2010, English menu became available! 2nd floor has Ozashiki style.
Address : Asakusa 2-4-9, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Sushi Matsunami
Sukiyabashi Jiro? Mizutani? Sawada? Kozasa? Shimizu? Not satisfied? Too touristic? Would you like to eat truly EDO-MAE (Edo-Tokyo-Style) magic-ed by 50-years experience here in Asakusa? Small hidden in back alley of tranquil resident area is just for you. The table is real, too, of 200-years-old Bizen (Okayama) Hinoki Tree. The Way, Dao or Tao, of the Sushi to rainbow your life! Although, 3rd thought.......isn't it better to split your budget into Unagi eel + Udon + Soba + Okonomiyaki + Tempura + Ramen + Izakaya?
Address : Komagata 1-9-5, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Sushi Tsuruoka
Above is over budget? How about middle ranged yet face-to-face counter experience? Lunch has good deal, too. Not far from Jakotsuyu (^^) real hot spring = onsen!
Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu
Familiar name? Kill Bill? Quentin Tarantino? Yes, great ambience of traditional and modern Japan, very nice fusion and style. New Edo Style? Between Roppongi and Shibuya.
Address : Nishi-Azabu 1-13-11, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Roppongi Kaguwa
Japanese traditional entertainment (not Kabuki but Yukaku or Yuukaku style). Similar but more unique is perhaps Robot Show in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku.
Address : Roppongi 5-4-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Blacows (Black Cows)
Kuroge (Black) Wagyu (Cows) is one of the best richest meat in Japan. In the back street of middle of nowhere between Daikanyama - Ebisu - Shibuya, but long queue to eat the best burger of the world. Better than MOS burger. Now also avaialble in Daimaru Tokyo Station. Too far from Asakusa? Then how about Fire House Burger which is 2km west of Ueno station (on the way to Tokyo Dome).
The famous restaurant is not located in Asakusa but in Akasaka. Your tongue will be happily twisted by their delicious food, and your eyes are magically twisted as well.
Address : Akasaka Tokyu Plaza, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet) Sand
You might have heard of another world famous cutlet restaurant like Maisen, ate already there? Would you like to try another, more local selected, version? Needless to mention about their tender pork with mouthwatering sauce, the secret is also in their buns which comes from Tokyo's best bakery (also located here in Asakusa!). From 17:30 it becomes Okonomiyaki restaurant. Shop transforms in such way is very rare, Ninja style?
Pizzeria San Gusto
The famous Asakusa Italiano! Many say that it is actually better than in Italia. True? Yes, you may find it out from the simple classic Margherita. Sushi? or Pizza? Actually why not both here in Asakusa!
Address : Nishi-Akasaka 2-26-10, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hitsumabushi at Unatetsu
The Unagi Eel Restaurant. Best O-Cha-Zu-Ke (Cha-Zu-Ke) with eel in Tokyo. One menu has three delicious tastes at once. Much better than three-in-one coffee.
Tansouan Kenjirou
Cannot believe how this lunch is only JPY1,000. Not because of Michelin Guide recommended, but the quality, service, ambience, all top rated for sure, and both lunch and dinner has NON-SMOKING. Very near to Tokutarou.
Address : Asakusa 3-35-3
Family curry restaurant. Japanese curry made for 50 years, not Indian curry but Japanese mom's taste.
Address : Higashi-Ueno 1-6-3, nearby Takeya in Okachimachi
CoCo ichiban-ya Curry House
Curry restaurant. Lots of variety of curry taste. Some shop with Teppan-yaki. Take-out and Home-delivery is available.
Address : Hanakawado 1-3-2, nearby Tobu Asakusa Station
CoCo already behind the era, new curry has Go!Go! from Kanazawa. Ueno branch opened.
Address : Ueno 6-2-7, nearby Okachimachi Station along AmeYoko street
Kushisuke at Kaminarimon
Yakitori and Kushiyaki and Ochazuke. Only 30 seconds walk from the thunder gate (Kaminarimon). Lunch has good deal except weekends.
Address : Asakusa 1-2-12
Gyouza (Gyoza) no Ohsho (Oushou)
Ramen noodle, gyoza, chaahan (fried rice), and more at very reasonable price.
Address : Asakusabashi 1-14-6, right at JR Asakusabashi Station
All about Fugu, the puff fish restaurant. They are swimming in the aquarium tank at the gate. You watch them swimming before it comes to your table.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-14-15, Kokusai dori ave.
Gin no Sara (silver dish)
Sushi and Udon noodle delivery all around downtown Tokyo including Asakusa.
Address : All over downtown Tokyo
Tempura restaurant. There is always a lunch time queue at this Meiji-era tempra restaurant.
Address : Asakusa 1-38-10, Denbouin dori ave.
Tempura Fukuoka (from New York?)
Came back from NYC (more than 30 years experience, SONY founder also appreciated his masterpiece), very nice and authentic tempura. Dinner time listens Jazz with Sake. Very good cost performance, no other place can serve like this. Special made Tsukemono (Kounomono) and Osuimono (Owan) are also Ginza top class. All hour non smoking.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-7-8 (right in front of Retrometro Backpackers)
Tempura, Soba restaurant. Monks of Sensouji Temple goes often this Tempura and Soba noodle. Wanna become enlighted?
Address : Asakusa 1-1-3, Kaminarimon dori ave.
Namiki Yabusoba
Soba restaurant. Opened in 1913, one of the three greatest Yabu Noodle. One of the best in Japan.
Address : Kaminarimon 2-11-9
Soba, Tempura, Katsudon restaurant. Local family restaurant which makes own noodle (not buys from factory) comes with fresh soup. Their Katsu-don is so special and rich in taste.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-1-2, Kikusui dori ave.
Tonkatsu with kuruma-ebi shrimp, hotate scalop and maguro-butsu. Lunch time has great deal. Loving Tonkatsu, finally he became the owner himself.
Address : Asakusa 2-12-6, bit off from Kokusai dori avenue
Kaiseki, Fugu, Japanese cuisine restaurant. Kaiseki with Geisha and Japanese Garden. What else would you need?
Address : Kaminarimon 1-15-1
Kamameshi Haru
Kamameshi restaurant. Vegetable and Chicken on rice pot (Kama in Japanese), served in hot, made right after your order.
Address : Asakusa 1-14-9
Tofu Toufu Tohfu Toofu
Tofu, Yuba, Shoujin Ryori (Ryouri) restaurant. Toufu (Tofu) exclusive! Special lunch with Yuba is highly recommended.
Asakusa Mugitoro
Mugitoro restaurant. Barley rice with Tororo (not Totoro, but Japanese yam, potato), very healthy dish with excellent view of Sumida River.
Address : Kaminarimon 2-2-4, Edo dori ave.
Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu restaurant. Most famous Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu restaurant in Tokyo. Beef from Japanese cow is rich in taste, melted on your tongue.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 3-1-2, Kokusai dori ave.
Sukiyaki restaurant. You'll be welcomed with the sound of Drum. Very authentic style with beautiful Japanese garden next to table.
Address : Asakusa 2-17-10, Hisago dori ave.
Unagi, Eel. This is the BEST Tokyo Eel restaurant. Get the counter seats and you'll be entertained by the Edo style owner.......actually, the master passed away in early 2014, but next generation is doing as good as before. Long queque is always expected. Once again, the BEST in Tokyo (if not Hatsuogawa which is also in Asakusa, actually just short walking distance from Irokawa).
Address : Kaminarimon 2-6-11
Dojo iidaya
Dojo restaurant. Looks like child of Unagi (eel). Truely Edo style eating, sit on tatami floor and eat on long wooden table shared with others. Happienss truth if shared with good food!
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 3-3-2, Kappabashi-Hon dori ave.
Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, Yakisoba restaurant. One of the typical Okonomiyaki restaurant in Tokyo. Homely and traditional style house. Only Okonomiyaki, but no Monjayaki.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-2-2, Kikusui dori ave.
Shichigosan (753)
Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, Yakisoba restaurant. Similar to above Sometaro, but local knows where to dine. Almost everyday full with local people. Children of the restaurant became grown up already, the owner has been working very hard to serve delicious foods more than life.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-23-7, Kappabashi Hon Dori (Main Avenue)
Kappa Matsuri
Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, Yakisoba restaurant. Off the main road style restaurant, only local goes for both Monjayaki and Okonomiyaki. Next to Higashi Honganji Temple.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 1-3-14
Yakitori, BBQ restaurant. Only in the late afternoon, no more lunch deal, very sad. The smell of BBQed chicken can reach you anywhere in the block. Next to elevator entrance/exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Tawaramachi station.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 1-2-1, Asakusa dori ave.
Yakisoba restaurant. Not even come out from the exit number 3 of Tawaramachi metro station, you'll smell the scent of hplden Yakisoba.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 1-1-18, Kokusai dori ave.
Hayashi rice, Hamburger steak restaurant. Asakusa actually is well-known for non-Japanese restaurant. In the era of Meiji, Taisho and early Showa, Asakusa was most sophisticated as recent Ginza and Roppongi. Hayashi-Rice is worth trying after long queue.
Address : Asakusa 1-41-4
Kamiya Bar
Bar, Izakaya, Sake, Beer. Japan's first bar born in Meiji era (1880). The atomosphere inside the restaurant makes your beer more tasteful.
Address : Asakusa 1-1-1, Kaminarimon dori ave.
Bar, Izakaya, Sake. Very small family style Izakaya with maximum 10 people. English menu is available. Located in between Taito Ryokan and Sometaro.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 2-2-1, Kikusui dori ave.
Bar, Chanko Nabe, Sashimi restaurant. Minyoh (Japanese folk song) music live with Tsugaru Shamisen.
Address : Nishi-Asakusa 3-28-11, Kototoi dori ave.
Oden restaurant. Best Oden in town has history of 100 years. Hidden house behind tall apartment on Kototoi-dori avenue.
Address : Senzoku 1-6-2, Kototoi dori ave.
Hoppy Dori Street (not Happy Dori Street but you will be happy)
Bar. Cannot avoid a glass or two of sake when you walk through this Food Stall Street. Nostalgia of Showa era. Fukuoka and Pusan has their original style.
West street adjacent to the Sensouji Temple
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