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PUBLIC BATH in Asakusa
This is the only (and deeply heart touched) way to get to know local people and shi-ta-ma-chi Japanese culture. After all, nothing to hide (^^)
YU (yu) is hot water in Japanese language. Do YOU like onsen?
Jakotsuyu Hot Springs Jakotsuyu (real hot spring = onsen)
Address : Asakusa 1-11-11, Tato-ku
Open : 13:00 - 23:40
Closed : Tuesday
Charge : 460yen
See inside here (without naked people:)
Matsuriyu Hot Springs Matsubayu
Address : Matsugaya 2-4-6, Taito-ku
Open :
CLOSED in 2012
Closed : CLOSED in 2012
Charge : CLOSED in 2012
Address : Higashi-Ueno 5-4-17, Taito-ku
Open : 12:00 - 25:00 (1:00am next day)
Closed : Thursday
Charge : 460yen
Umenoyu Hot Springs Umenoyu
Address : Higashi Asakusa 2-18-9, Taito-ku
Open : 14:00 - 24:00
Closed : Monday
Charge : 460yen
Akebonoyu Hot Springs Akebonoyu
Address : Asakusa 4-17-1, Taito-ku
Open : 15:00 - 25:00 (1:00am next day)
Closed : Indefinite
Charge : 460yen
Asakusa Matsuriyu Hot Springs Matsuriyu
Address : ROX 7F, Asakusa 1-25-15, Taito-ku
Open (except Sundays) : 10:30am - 08:30am (next day, almost 24hrs)
Open (Sundays) : 10:30am - 22:30 (10:30pm)
No-Closed : 365 days open!
Charge : 2,365yen (not 460yen)
Unique onsen? This page has more information including mix one (mixed gender one).
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