Guide and information of Japan travel, with temple, shrine, otera, jinja in downtown Tokyo.
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Temple and Shrine
Modern temple and unique temple in downtown
Tera (Temple) Cafe :
Byakurengedo (white lotus architect temple) :
Nayuta cafe in Kongohin (Kon-goh-in) :
Ichimyoji (just like someone's house) :
Shibararejizo (O-jizo-san tighten up with rope) :
Fukagawa Fudoson (next to Tomioka Hachiman) : facebook/Fukagawa-Fudoson-Temple
It is not Tempura nor Shrimp. There are more than 1,600 temples and shrines in 23 districts of Tokyo (which is sometimes considered as downtown Tokyo), among which, Taito-district (Taito-ku) has the most number, about 250. You may find The Links at this website, but this page would like to list up some temples and shrines WITH English page available. For Japanese language search (including easy map navigation), we would like to recommend Tendaishu, Jodoshu, Shinshu, Nichiren Shu, this page and that page.
kaminarimon sensouji
Asakusa Top 3
Sensouji Temple (Asakusa Kan-Non) :
Asakusa Jinja Shrine (Sanja-sama) :
Honganji Temple (next to Tokyo Ryokan) :
...or if you were truly interested in Buddhism, we would like to invite you to hit and surf on . Maybe, how about combination trip of Bhutan, Mongolia, Thailand, Tibet, Sri Lanka with far east islands of Japan? Need good fare air tickets? Here's some tip.
Where you can ding-dong the 108 bell for new year
Honganji Temple (next to Tokyo Ryokan) :
Azabu-san Zenpukuji Temple :
Horinouchi Myohouji Temple (in Kouenji) :
Nishiaraidaishi (Nishi-Arai-Daishi) Temple :
Tsukiji Honganji Temple (near the fish market) :
Honsenji Temple (in Shinagawa) :
ikegami Honmonji Temple (in Ota-ku) :
Homyoji (Houmyoji) Temple (in ikebukuro) :
Shibamata Taishakuten Temple (Tora-san!) :
Araiyakushi Baishoin Temple (in Nakano) :
Zojoji Temple (next to old Tokyo Tower) :
Gokokuji Temple (near ikebukuro) :
Jindaiji Temple (in Chofu) :
Denzuin Temple (nearby Tokyo Dome) :
Rakanji Temple (in Meguro) :
In English (^_^)
Tokyo Daijingu (one of the five in Tokyo) :
Asakusa Jinja Shrine (Sanja-sama) :
Tsukiji Honganji Temple (near the fish market) :
ikegami Honmonji Temple (in Ota-ku) :
Shibamata Taishakuten Temple (Tora-san!) :
Zojoji Temple (next to old Tokyo Tower) :
Yasukuni Jinja Shrine :
Sengakuji Temple :
Ootori Jinja Shrine (Otori-sama at Shrine):
Chokokuji Temple (Otori-sama at Temple) :
Hie Jinja Shrine :
Meiji Jingu Shrine :
Yushima Tenmangu (Tenjin) Shrine :
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