Guide and information of Japan travel, with Ukiyoe Art, Pictures of the floating world.
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Ukiyoe, Katsushika Hokusai High technique wood-cut (wood-block) plus unique coloring makes U-Ki-Yo-E (U is pronounce as U in asakUsa, E is pronounce as E in Egg) a fantastic art. You may find their masterpieces in the following museums. You may also hit and experience a bit of the tradition at this page, too, to color your own life. Their prints, T-shirt and items are available at each museum. Shunga or Syunga is popular R18 in Edo era, literally Spring Picture. Japan hit the most maximum population in 2007, then every year there has been a surplus of deaths over births. Japan is shrinking, maybe need Spring vacation (^^)
Tokyo National Museum (Toh-Ha-Ku) is located in Ueno, next town of Asakusa, and of course, Asakusa has Ukiyo-e right next to Sensouji Temple.
Edo Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku is such good combination with Sumo Museum (Kokugikan) as well as Ekoin and Kyu-Yasuda-Teien (free of charge, very small but very nice Japanese garden, not many people as other popular well-known garden). Sumida Hokusai Museum is also in the same area. You may refer to Sumo in Tokyo and SkyTree to make your travel itinerary.
 Sakai Kokodo
 Small but very good garelly located in Ginza.
Ukiyoe Ota Museum is located in a crossing of JR Harajuku Station on Yamanote Line and Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (Meiji-Jingu-Mae Station). What a contrast of this museum (very traditional) and Takeshita-Dori (young modern Japan). Sunday afternoon has cos-play or street-dancing in south side of Yoyogi Park. Meiji Jingu (Shrine) has a few Japanese style wedding almost every Saturdays and Sundays.
Hiroshige Museum of Art is not in Tokyo but in Yamagata, Tendo (Tendoh) city. Japanese chess shogi, Yamadera (refer to Day-9 at this page, please) and Onsen are best interests of your Japan trip there.
Yamada-Shoten in Jimbocho has quite a selection of masterpieces that you can purchase.
Extra time or beyond time or harmony time to experience Tea Ceremony?
Several hotels/restaurants offer English speaking Tea Ceremony at Youwa-kai , Happo-en (has nice video clip), New Otani , Hotel Okura Japanese Culture Experience . And here's Sadou-Kaikan in Tokyo (Urasenke Chado in Kyoto). You may also be able to arrange organized tour at JTB Sunrise Tours . Easy going experience? How about Kimono + Tea Ceremony together in Asakusa? Nadeshiko can do. Also tea makes your heart calm and peace here in Nishi-Asakusa.
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