Guide and information of Japan travel, with access, transportation from Tokyo to KumanoKodo (Kumano-Kodo).
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TOKYO - KumanoKodo (Kumano-kodo)
This site would like to explain several routes (No1, No2, No3, No4 and No5) between the World Heritage Trail and the capital city. Here's also got useful Map1 and Map2 .
No1. SHINKANSEN (bullet train, super express)
In Japanese language, it is directly translated as New-Main-Line (Shin-Kan-Sen). There are 9 lines operated by 5 JR companies throughout Japan, and one of which is called Tokaido Shinkansen connecting Tokyo and Shin-Osaka since 1964. Some statistic is available at this official JR page. The year 2027 will start CHUO LINEAR Shinkansen or SuperConducting Mag-Lev (Magnetic Levitation) between Shinagawa (Tokyo) and Nagoya, the floating train similar to Shanghai Pudong Airport Access.

Depending on which route you'd take, here's the major tracks and iseji tracks. Either way, there is one time needed to transfer train (Shinkansen <=> Limited Express).

Tokyo <=> Shin-Osaka <=> KiiTanabe (or Kii-Tanabe)
Limited Express Kuroshio

Tokyo <=> Nagoya <=> Shingu
Limited Express Nanki

Regardless Shin-Osaka or Nagoya which station you'd transit, all three types of Shinkansen (Nozomi, Hikari and Kodama) links Tokyo direct.

Nozomi (Hope) : What goes/runs/travels faster than Hikari (light). We shall better to have Nozomi to live, especially after the hopeless events/news around the world. Every 10 minutes can travel 1,323 people (200 green seats + 1,123 2nd class seats), which means that there are 6 or more trains every 1 hour.

Hikari (Light) : The fastest object runs in the universe. There are 2 trains every 1 hour. Not JR but discount ticket shop like Access Ticket in Yaesu exit of Tokyo main station sells good price! For example, Shin-Osaka for JPY12,950, Nagoya for JPY9,950.

Kodama (Sound) : Speed of sound is used to be representative of fastness. 4 hours to Shin-Osaka for JPY10,500 or 2 hours 50 minutes to Nagoya for JPY8,300 (Platt Kodama).
There are more than 10 buses a night and a day each direction (for each route of Osaka and of Nagoya). Some of the buses are Josei-Sen-Yo which is female only bus. 8 - 9 hours to Osaka. Price ranges JPY3,500 (four seaters, two-aisle-two) - JPY10,800 (two seaters, one-aisle-one). Or 6 - 7 hours to Nagoya. Price ranges JPY2,400 (four seaters, two-aisle-two) - JPY7,400 (two seaters, one-aisle-one).

Daytime bus between Tokyo and Nagoya takes "only" 5 hours via New ToMei Highway with great view ahead of you including Mt.Fuji. One way JPY2,400 could be as low as JPY2,300 purchased on-line with credit card.
Other than JR bus mentioned above (No2), there are several private bus operators including Willer Express. Price varies and about the same as JR Highway Bus.
This page may explain a bit further, but simply saying, this ticket is only available during students holiday time (Winter, Spring and Summer). It can be JPY2,370 one way between Tokyo and Nanki area (south side of Kii Peninsula) with usually needed 9 - 10 times transfers via Osaka or 5 - 6 times transfers via Nagoya, let's enjoy local atomosphere in each station (^^) HyperDia would support finding your best time tables.


Tokyo 05:20 - 07:27 Numazu 07:31 - 08:29 Shizuoka 08:30 - 09:42 Hamamatsu 09:44 - 11:46 Ogaki 12:12 - 12:46 Maibara 12:50 - 14:13 Osaka 14:23 - 15:51 Wakayama 16:15 - 17:18 Gobo 17:20 - 18:02 KiiTanabe 18:45 - 21:32 Shingu


Tokyo 05:20 - 07:27 Numazu 07:31 - 08:29 Shizuoka 08:30 - 09:42 Hamamatsu 09:44 - 11:11 Nagoya 11:37 - (extra 510yen has to be paid on train) 12:54 Taki 13:16 - 17:04 Shingu 17:13 - 20:02 KiiTanabe
No.5 See Mt.Fuji from sky above (through airplane window)
This short flight route can be done as low as JPY11,000 one way with Embraer regional jet. Haneda <=> Nanki Shirahama has daily flights to grasp the great shinto forest view from JAL windows, plus Mt.Fuji of course! Even airport is raining wet, you may be able to see it above cloud, yes, the mountain with ocean of clouds. When sunrises/sunsets, it would add the wonderful color into your vision of life. Let's aim high (^_^)

It is around 20 minutes bus ride between Nanki Shirahama airport and JR Shirahama station.
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