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Would you like to implement some Japan style into your life? In your country of your continent, you may find the following places interessant, and of course, we are looking forward to your experiencing the genuine way of Japan life (some says which is similar to L'art de Vivre) here in the far east Asia. More lists can be referred at this page if you had spare time, please.
Brussels and more, Belgium
Zurich, Switzerland
Paris, France
Shizuka Ryokan
Melbourne, Australia
Ryokan Gojyuan
Sydney, Australia
Bio-Ryokan Wabisabi Bunka
Ancona, Italia
San Jose Japantown
San Jose, CA, USA
Kashiwaya Ryokan
Bangkok, Thailand
Stockholm, Sweden
Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden
Miami, FL, USA
Ryokan Muntri Boutique Hostel
Penang, Malaysia
Round The World Tickets
Business class RTW tickets starting anywhere A or B or C flying back to the starting point A or B or C (for example, either Brussels, Zurich, Ancona, Stockholm to Bangkok, Australia, NZ, Tokyo, CA in the USA, then back to Europe) would be redeemed at 170,000 miles just above this (which can be purchased at about USD3,100 through Marriott SPG flights , well actually, need your friends' and families' support) plus fuel surcharge and airport tax (which could be ranged somewhere around USD300 these days) therefore altogether USD3,400 for the comfortable flights including A380 and B787 (including full flat seat new configuration). It is about the same price of Economy Class on Book and Fly by Star Alliance. All beauty of upper class on B787, A350 and A380 are available on mileage program!

A => B => C => D => E => F => A

Europe => Thailand => Australia => NZ => Japan => USA => Europe

Australia => NZ => Japan => USA => Europe => Thailand => Australia

USA => Japan => NZ => Australia => Thailand => Europe => USA

Thailand => Europe => USA => Japan => NZ => Australia => Thailand

.......and more available (^_^) yes, chances and choices are unlimited. While you are in Japan, which of the right (the related pages/archives) would you like to pursue?
Within Japan
Are you holding several thousands mileage to redeem Japan domestic flight? ANA Mileage Club member can opt to go with low cost carrier Vanilla Air! Here's the one way required mileage (no fuel surchage is needed) from Narita Airport. Please note that Narita Airport Terminal 3 Passenger Service Facility Charge for domestic passenger is JPY380. If you fly into Japan from Europe, North America, Oceania with Star Alliance, why not accumulate your flown mileage into AMC (ANA Mileage Club) so that you can fly Vanilla free.

Sapporo (Hokkaido) at 5,000 miles
Amami Oshima (Kagoshima) at 5,000 miles
Naha (Okinawa) at 6,000 miles
Within Asia
Similar to the continent of America and Europe, here in Asia, there are also LCC (Low Cost Carrier) for easy flights. Details can be listed on this page, but here's also brief information for one way price (all inclusive fare).
Tokyo <=> Seoul / Pusan : about JPY7,000
Tokyo / Osaka <=> Hong Kong / Taipei : about JPY10,000
Tokyo / Osaka <=> Manila : about JPY12,000
Tokyo / Osaka <=> Kuala Lumpur : about JPY20,000
Tokyo / Osaka <=> Bangkok : about JPY20,000
Ibaraki / Saga / Takamatsu / Osaka <=> Shanghai : about JPY10,000 - JPY15,000
Okinawa (Naha) <=> Hong Kong : about JPY10,000
Okinawa (Naha) <=> Taipei : about JPY7,000
And also the same ANA Mileage Club can do 5 (five) cities within Asia from Narita Airport. Details available at this official website. Here's one way required mileage (no fuel surcharge is needed) on Vanilla Air.

Hong Kong (China) at 10,000 miles
Taipei (Taiwan) at 10,000 miles
GaoXiong or Kaohsiung (Taiwan) at 10,000 miles
Ho Chi Mihn (Vietnam) at 12,500 miles
Cebu (Phillipines) at 15,000 miles
Slow life on Ferry (let's find out where your boat is sailing)
Neighborhood countries like Russia, South Korea, China, Taiwan are all connected with ferry service from/to Japan (one way fare except Taiwan <=> Okinawa route). For those who are aiming slow life on casual cruise here in Asia, we'd like to recommend you this page and that page .
Pusan <=> Osaka : JPY13,000 one way Pan Star Ferry
Pusan <=> Shimonoseki : JPY9,000 one way Kampu Ferry
Keelung (JiLong) <=> Ishigaki / Yonaguni : TWDXX,000 Star Cruise
Vladivostok <=> Donghae <=> Sakai-Minato : JPYXX,000 DBS Cruise Ferry
Sakhalin <=> Wakkanai : JPYXX,000 Finished service Sep.2015
Shanghai <=> Osaka : JPY22,000 one way Shanghai Ferry Su-Zhou-Hao
Where is Asakusa
LCC (Low Cost Carrier)
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Narita Airport
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Japan in Asia
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