Guide and information of Japan travel, with Beppu, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Yakushima, Yufuin, ishigaki, Okinawa.
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Lodated in the north of Kyushu, Fukuoka is the transport hub of Kyushu, also connected to South Korea by ferry and flight, as well as the center of economy and administration. Dazaifu Temmangu Shrine is the God of education, sister of Yushima Shrine in Ueno, Tokyo.
A port town, Nagasaki, developed her ties with foreign countries especially Holland and China in early era. Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park with 17th century Holland. A Nagawaki Peace Park was established at the epi-center of the atom bomb blast to appeal the everlasting peace.
The generous nature of Kyushu where our emperor landed from heaven, has stunning hot springs and mountains, can be seen in Beppu, Aso and Kirishima. The Aso Panorama Line, a large-scale landscape on the plateau access to the active vocano Mt. Aso. Kumamoto Castle, constructed in 1608, is one of Japan's three beautiful castles. Beppu is a hot-springs town with one of the greatest quantity water from the earth. Yufuin is another well-known hot springs region in mountain area, surrounded by beautiful nature.
Southern Kyushu is pleased with a warm climate throughout the year which has almost a tropical atmosphere. Sakurajima is most active mountains in the island, errupts ashes all over the city. The " Sand Bath", where one is buried under heated sand evaporated by underneath hot-spring, is a specialty of Ibusuki in southern Kagoshima. One of the largest evergreen forests in Japan can be observed on Yakushima Island, located 4 hours slow ferry ride from Kagoshima port, you can feel the 8,000 years giant trees.
Okinawa is world-class beautiful seas and white sand beaches of the tropical island. The Shuri Castle belonged to the Ryukyu Dynasty, which reigned in Okinawa for 450 years from 1429 till USA occupation. The main island has one mono-rail from the airport to the city center. Western most island called Yonaguni is only 110km away from Taiwan.
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