Guide and information of Japan travel, with Hiroshima, Onomichi, Miyajima, Kurashiki, Naoshima, Hagi, Tsuwano, Iya.
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The Japan's Mediterranean Sea, Seto-Naikai, is surrounded by the three main islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Because of the strategic reason, during World War, Japan made her best battleships in this area. Chugoku locates in the far west of Honshu, main island. Shikoku (literally four countries), Japan's fouth largest island, can be reached via the Seto Ohashi Bridge.
Tottori Sand Dunes lasts 5km along the Japan Sea where you can ride 'imported' camel. Izumo Shrine, which origins go back to the times of Japanese myth, is situated in the eastern part of Shimane Prefecture known as the Izumo region. The atmosphere of a historical castle town can be felt in Matsue, which is referred to as the 'Water Capital' because of her bordering to lakes, seas and rivers. The higest peak of the Chugoku region is Mt. Daisen where you can ski in winter time.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial and The Dome are symbols of everlasting peace, portraying the horror of atom bombs which we don't want to see anymore anywhere in our universe. Warehouses with white colored wall stand along the Kurashiki River in Kurashiki. Miyajima is included as one of the Three Views of Japan, is an island in the Seto Inland Sea, also called as floating shrine. The Itsukushima Shrine is located on the island and is known as the center of the island's belief.
Shikoku has
88 Temples which attract young and old for their enlightment and impermanence of life and death.
Matsuyama holds the oldest hot-spring in Japan called Dogo Onsen. The Shimanto River is one of the clearest streams in Japan (no damn dams!).
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