WiFi & SIM

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There are Mobile-Phone, SIM-Card and Pocket-Wifi rental services for tourists visiting Japan. For public wifi service and further information please click and surf above links. NOTE : there is only Data-SIM (no voice nor talk) for the SIM "rental" service. SIM "contract" service for phone-call needs Japan Phone Number to register/apply. You are right, tourists wouldn't get neirther chiken nor egg, you'd better consider LINE app which is voice/talk phone available using rental Data-SIM.

Public Telephone

Public telephones accept 10 yen and 100 yen coins and/or telephone cards. A local call dialing with 03 numbers (within Tokyo's central 23 Wards and some other Tokyo metropolitan cities) costs 10 yen per minute. If you put two 10-yen coins in and speak for less than one minute, one of the coins will be returned to you. No change is given for partial use of a 100 yen coin. Prepaid telephone cards cost 1,000 yen from vending machines, kiosks at train stations, and convenience stores. Charges for inter-city calls vary according to the distance.

Public WiFi

We believe that you get used to this world with 4G and 5G, but as Ghibli Museum says, we'd like to invite you to let your spirit floating in comfortable freedom like listening Lofi under blue sky (^^) .......Let's lose our way together while you are in downtown Tokyo. The award winning calligraphy of Tokyo Ryokan says "Follow butterfly so that we can reach the origin of rainbow" and in similar sort of meanings. Tokyo Ryokan has free WiFi in your room/s, so that you can actually find your purpose of this time of living on Google Search (^^) or through listening to chanting and melody and bell from nearby temples while you are half awaking in futon bed on tatami mat. Tell you the truth, Higashi Honganji (ji = temple) has WiFi network which covers Tokyo Ryokan under their spiritual compassion:p