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It seems like that they will not go back to old good days (before pandemic) style, but it used to be that the cheapest tickets are SOMETIMES available when you queue up at the ticket booth in Ryogoku earliest hour. 7:45AM is official opening for unreserved seats called General Admission Tickets. Yes, first-come-first-served basis. At least 1 hour before which means 6:45AM-and-prior to be there is recommended to grab the last minute tickets. Weekends and holidays are not easy, you may have to start queuing up as early as first train get you there (5:00AM-ish).

It will be more than Sumo when you see all the fights including

Kirishima (Mongolia)
Kinbozan (Kazakhstan)
Hoshoryu (Mongolia)
Aoiyama (Bulgaria)
Mitakeumi (Philippine)
Takayasu (Philippine)
Shishi (Ukraine)
Roga (Russia)
Daiseizan (China)

....... and more, yes, there are wrestlers from Ukraine and Russia. All those listed in high ranking sumo wrestlers earn more than a million yen each month (good job you'd consider?) ....... eat a lot, train well and fight! If you are in Tokyo area during Tokyo Tounament, please have this chance to visit Ryogoku Kokugikan which is just accross Sumida river from Asakusa.

July : Nagoya, 2024
September : Tokyo (Sep.8th - Sep.22nd, 2024)
November : Fukuoka, 2024

January : Tokyo (Jan.12th - Jan.26th, 2025)
March : Osaka, 2025
May : Tokyo (May 11th - May 25th, 2025)
July : Nagoya, 2025
September : Tokyo (Sep.14th - Sep.28th, 2025)
November : Fukuoka, 2025

Nihon Sumo Kyokai
Official site has them a!!

Chanko Nabe
One bawl has them all. Sumo wrestlers dish, who can eat them all? All year available when you're hungry (^^)

If you were not travelling within the tournament season, you may still be able to visit above heya (sumo-beya or stable house) for morning training. Sunrise Tours have package deals. Not enough? Please consult on this page.

... and other sports

Simply saying, it is believed to be the way of death (in a good way, of course). Bushido is highly recommended to take a glance at if you were interested in why you and others have been born on this particular planet in this (same) time of the era.

Miyamoto Musashi becomes a railway station (^^) not far from Himeji castle.

Bujinkan is also one of the top listed. Experts or beginners, you may find your life so clear and beautiful once you encountered your way. Hombu Dojo (Soke) is located in Noda (Atago Station on Tobu Noda Line is the closest station), and this is Google Map.

Aikido is also well known and has been practiced throughout Japan. Their Hombu Dojo is near to Wakamatsu-Kawada Station on Toei Oedo Line (15 minutes train ride from Kuramae near Asakusa). It is the way to develop your own self to Nirvana. Perfection is the living Buddha.

Kodokan Judo Institute is right next to Tokyo Dome, shortest walking access from Kasuga Station on Toei Oedo Line (7 minutes train ride from Kuramae near Asakusa). Eishoji Temple is the origin of Judo.

Karate is literally Sunya Hand or Sunyata Hand if you are familiar to the deep meaning of self-completion (self-construction) rather than fighting with others.

Kendo is also widely experienced by most of Japanese residents (especially during primary school). Conveniently located right inside the Imperial Palace (spirit center of Japan).

Iwata Shokai is the most famous dougi (do-gi) shop in Tokyo. Now they accept PayPal.

... and much more major sports

Actually, Sumo is relatively small in terms of stadium size (numbef of fan) but J League (football is getting popular) and Nippon Professional Baseball (still major "national" sport of Japan) are the big sports here in the far east Asia.

Baseball (Yakyu in Japanese) is one of the most popular sports in Japan. Ohtani, Nomo, Ichiro, Fukudome, Daisuke, Sasaki, Kuroda, Matsui, Aoki, Shinjo, Tanaka, Darvish (IranianJapanese) and more played national professional baseball in Japan. 2nd popular is football (soccer) which has relatively young history, but baseball was introduced from the United States during the early Meiji period. Isn't it funny to imagine that samurai changed their sword replacing to baseball bat ?(^^)?

There are two professional baseball leagues (the Central League and the Pacific League) in Japan, each consisting of six teams therefore altogether 12 teams. It is held from spring to autumn (until early November). In Tokyo region, you may enjoy watching games at Tokyo Dome in downtown, Jingu in downtown, Makuhari in Chiba, Seibu in Saitama, Yokohama in Kanagawa. Here's all-in-one Google Map.

Football is Soccer, J1 has 20 teams, J2 has 20 teams, J3 has 20 teams, altogether 60 teams in small islands. Japan is still learning from Europe and South America. In Tokyo region, you may enjoy watching games at Nissan stadium in Yokohama, Ajinomoto stadium in Chofu Tokyo, Todoroki stadium in Kawasaki, Saitama stadium in Saitama. Here's all-in-one Google Map.

2019 Rugby World Cup was held here in Japan =>

2023 Osaka Hanshin Tigers No.1 first time in 38 years! Shohei Ohtani played well at Hanshin Koshien Stadium when he was in high school.